Thursday, 21 September 2017

Another quilt show

While I am having time away from Max, I shall try to catch up with a post of quilt photos, some of which have been in the files for "awhile".

First up was made by Kath, and features panels of flowers in vases. This was quilted allover with Swirls Easy, a new pattern I have from Karen Farnsworth.

This simple, but pretty quilt is called Sugar Garden, after the range of fabric used. It was one of my Pick A Case Mystery quilts, and was made by Mary. It was quilted allover with Hearts'n'Flowers.

Di made this quilt for a friend and is also very pretty with the purple and pink colours. It was quilted allover with a patter called Boxed Pearls, also by Karen Farnsworth.

This star quilt was also made by Kath, and quilted with an edge to edge flower with music notes pattern. The background fabric had a music print on it, as did the backing fabric.

This is my Fractured Circles quilt started in a Lessa Siegele workshop in 2008, and finally finished with custom quilting. I have called this Noughts and Crosses.

Another Bedford quilt, made by Ann, has come out of the UFO pile and quilted allover with a pattern called Peacock.

This curved quilt was made by Lois, after doing a Quick Curve Ruler workshop. This was quilted allover with a leaf design.

Rosie started this quilt in a Pick a Case Mystery retreat, and this is now finished, ready for our groups exhibition next month. It is quilted edge to edge with a pattern called Plush.

A Daisy quilt, made by Sherrel, and quilted allover with a Daisy pattern.

This is Maria's quilt, made in a Quick Curve Ruler workshop, and quilted allover with a circle pattern, called Asti.

Val made the Antelope Canyon quilt, designed by Laurie Shifrin, using her own fabrics, and called it Circling the Wagons .I quilted a wheel pattern in the centre and a quarter of the pattern in each corner, and stippled the background in between.

This is another Pick a Case Mystery quilt, called Carnival Time, made by Dot, and quilted allover with Wind Swirls.

I hope you enjoyed the quilt show for today. That helps to reduce the quilts in the file, although there are still a few left, for another day.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

What a feast Judy, with some lovely quilts and great patterns quilted by you. Glad you found time to finish your circular one. Take care.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Gorgeous as usual! You are an amazing quilter! xx

Jean McGee said...

More beautiful quilts. Love to see them posted for everyone to enjoy. You are a a legend Judy! 😀😀😀