Monday, 11 September 2017

I am still here.......

I am comfortably sitting in my recliner, in the lounge by the wood fire, intending to write a catchup blog post again. The TV is on, and the latest news contains so many stories of earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods, war and droughts. In the light of all this devastation, the newsfromjude really seems a bit mundane and unimportant, and I feel a sense of guilt that life is good. But I need to record the next chapter and so will continue.

Life just seems to be speeding by, and another week has come and gone. It is all systems go in the leadup to the October exhibition, and the quilts continue to come in and go out the door to be finished. I had another day with Miss Bridie on Thursday, which was special. She is growing up so fast, and has now left town and returned home with her mum, and I know DS will be very happy to have his girls back.

I have a few more Miss Bridie photos. I went out to the shed, and found a few things from storage for her to play with. There was a doll, a tea set, and a cane doll's chair. There was a tea party, and notice in the first photo that dolly is in the cane chair.

And, who is in the cane chair now?? Miss Bridie reminds me of Goldilocks and saying this chair is just right!

 Dolly doesn't look so comfortable now.

I had to bring in the container of "pink" things, ready for next weekend's retreat, and she loved the pink hats!

There was a box of blocks, that her aunties and dad used to play with.

This Humpty Dumpty floor puzzle was probably a bit too hard for her yet, but she enjoyed the story of Humpty being "broken".

I was blessed to have DS come one morning and clean my gutters out for me. When Bridie saw daddy on the roof, she said "careful daddy"! But she had no fear when he took her up the ladder to see what he was doing, and she said "I help daddy!" 


There still seems to be a lot of photos in the files, so here are a  few more to show.

First up is made by Sue, who made 2 quilts the same, but with different names appliqued on them. They were quilted allover with a Starburst edge to edge.

 This is Marie's Antelope Canyon quilt, made with her hand dyed fabrics, and called Sea Foam, that has been quilted allover with a Ripples pattern.

Suzanne made 2 matching cot quilts, for twins, and they were quilted allover with a circle pattern called Asti.

Dot was planning a trip to England, and made an Aussie quilt, which was quilted allover with a Gumnut pattern.

 This was Nancye's first quilt, and an edge to edge pattern called Butterflyte.

This was made by Lyn, using all fabrics from her stash. It was finished with simple custom quilting.

This has been a long term hand piecing project by Pauline, and she has finally got this far. A custom quilting job finished this off, and now it is ready for binding.

That's all for now, it's almost time for bed. The week ahead includes a lunch, followed by a meeting tomorrow, a doctor and dentist appointment on Wednesday, angels day on Thursday, and getting organised for the arrival of the Pink retreaters on Friday. I do hope to fit in some quilting in between all of that. I am being kind to myself and planning on substituting some of the home cooked menu ideas with store bought or takeaway?? I wonder what is on the takeaway menu that is PINK??

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

More beautiful quilts and quilting. So sweet to see your granddaughter playing and enjoying your company.

Raylene Edwards said...

Miss B had great time with your children's toys. Lucky you kept them! I've seen lots of Antelopes roaming the Canyon & Maries is very effective. Your diary shows the life of a busy woman. As a PINK RETREATER my mind boggles as I've experienced some wonderful pink food innovations. See you soon 🌸

Linda Steele said...

I am so glad that I kept most of my children's toys. So handy to have now and they are different to what they are used to.

Susan Smith said...

My goodness, lots more quilts done & I'll bet some very happy customers. Oh my, Miss B is growing so fast & I still have a basket of toys, but our youngest 2 will be 10 in October & very rarely these days do any even ask for toys. How times change. Have a good week leading up to the Pink Retreat. Take care.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Such sweet photos of Miss B and lovely quilts too! xx

Vicki W said...

I absolutely love those Antelope Canyon quilts. I rarely buy patterns but I'm going to get this one.