Saturday, 13 May 2017

Checking in.....

It seems as though it's more than a week since I posted, and as I have had a phone call this morning to check on things, thought I better take some time and write a post.
It hardly seems any time at all since I did the last post, that's how quick the week has gone. It seemed as though my life was consumed with "that" quilt, even though I did take some days out during that time. I am pleased to report that it is finished, and has been collected by it's owner, who was very happy with it. And after I had got some "distance" from it, I have to say I am pleased with how it finished. I won't post any photos for a couple of months, as it is going into a show. A few allover quilting jobs have been completed since that one, and then next week I am back into custom again, although not large ones. I do have about 3 rather intense customs coming up in the next 3 months.
In between the quilting this week, I have been working on the Pick a Case Mystery cases. I go to sleep at night, thinking of designs and fabrics, and ideas for them. These few have been checked by Pat, and ready for the final printing and labels to be attached. Today I have been working on some more, and counting down how many weekends there are until the June long weekend, which will be followed soon after by the August mystery retreat.(Still limited spots for August).

After reporting on the garden that needed some attention, I have "stolen" a few minutes here and there to start some pruning, weeding, and spraying. Hopefully I can stay in front of the weeds.

As this blog is a diary of my life, I guess I need to report that this week I celebrated my 21st birthday, for the third time!!? I was blessed to have DD1 and children drive 3 1/2 hours on Wednesday to visit me for lunch, and some "play" time in the sunshine, on the back lawn.

On Thursday it was our monthly Angels sewing day, and the girls had organised lunch for me, which was changed to morning tea as DD2 and the boys drove 3 1/2 hours to visit and take me and their other grandma out for lunch.

The chatter and laughter at morning tea went on right up to lunch time, so one ran into the other, and I have to say that I did not need much to eat that evening. Pauline made me a lovely cake, and we had some candles and some singing. After I went out to lunch, the girls did get some angels sewing done.

I was very blessed, to receive phonecalls, lots of facebook birthday messages, some lovely gifts, and cards, and my house looks a bit like a florist shop with all these lovely flowers. I am hopeful that next year, some of these will be blooming in my garden. Thankyou everyone.

My family are lucky that they can usually do a birthday, and mother's day all in one as they are so close together. Tomorrow I shall see my mum, and maybe more family too.

That's all the newsfromjude for now, as it's time to get back to the mystery designs before the day ends.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Belated birthday greetings JUdy. I now know people on 9th, 10th, 11th & w12th of May and then three more later this month. Glad to hear you had a lovely day. See you soon. Take care.

Sue SA said...

Happy birthday Judy! So nice to hear you had a lovely weekend with family and friends.