Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Basting, blue screen, backing up, bees, bleary eyes and Bingo!

First up, here is a photo of the blue basting stitches that I had to remove from that quilt, and that took more than an hour to take out.

 and this is how the problem area looks now. My customer was very pleased, and did not baulk at the extra charge on her bill. A good outcome for all. (I just hope I don't get inundated with problem quilts?)

This is the message I got on my computer screen last night, after I got the dreaded blue screen and it shut itself down, and then restarted. It was a bit late to talk to my computer guru at that hour of the night, so I went to bed. But I do admit to having a sleepless night, and waking at 4.30 this morning. My concern was that with all the computer work I have been doing lately, that I had not been backing up!! If I had a problem I could lose lots of "stuff". So I was very relieved when I turned on the computer at 5am, and it all seemed to work ok. I then found lots of USB's and started backing up important files. And I messaged the guru this morning, and we have a good plan being put into place for backing up "everything" on my laptop and my desktop, on a daily basis from now on. It's easy to get a bit complacent!

And these bees, just might be found in one of those cases, do you think? I know I am teasing!

Sorry I don't have a photo of the bleary eyes, but hopefully they will recover soon. I have typed up all the instructions now for 25 quilts in those cases, that are all different designs and fabrics. There are 2 more still for the fabric to be cut, and that is on the agenda for tomorrow when my "cutting fairy, Val" will come in. And then my "checking fairy, Pat" will come in the afternoon and check them all. I am very blessed to have such amazing friends. As much as I enjoy designing them all, and playing with the fabrics, it has been a bit "full on" for a couple of months now. So from the weekend, I might change the focus, to some ignored house cleaning and the cooking for a 3 day retreat for 10 lovely ladies in just over a week's time. I am looking forward to the fun, and to seeing 10 of those cases come to life!

And the last word in the title is Bingo, and I think we might play some of that real soon. Stay tuned!

Time for bed, and hopefully a good nights sleep tonight. The rest of my house is cold, as I have been too preoccupied to look after the fire and it went out. I do have heat in this room though. It was very crunchy underfoot this morning when I got the paper from the front lawn, as it was minus 2 deg!! My electric blanket is on!

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

The quilt looks beautiful! Good luck with the retreat, glad you have broken the back on the jobs list. It feels like frost number three this morning here, which is a good thing in my opinion, hopefully it kills the last of the mice.

Susan Smith said...

My sentiments are same as above. The quilt is stunning. Well done. You keep teasing us with those cases. I think I'm ready and raring to go & can't wait to see what's in store for us. No frost here yet, but it's sure been cold during the day for the last 2. Take care. PS. I'm bringing a cake too.

Gloria N. said...

That is a gorgeous quilt, and you worked absolute "magic" being able to work all that fullness in!