Saturday, 27 May 2017

Miracles cost extra!

I could see I had a challenge ahead when I had this quilt spread out on the ironing table this week, and saw some areas with a "bit" of fullness. I phoned the owner and she admitted that there had been a few problems getting things to fit nicely. But she thought I could fix it!!??

And I am managing to tame the those areas as I go. I basted the whole quilt before I started, and put lots of extra basting stitches in the fuller areas, as you can see, with a blue thread, so it can be seen easily for removal.

And after some SID and the quilting of that area, you would never know would you?

But, it has been a lot of extra work, and there will be an extra time charge on the account!

I am not posting this to criticize the maker, but to show that some things can be overcome, although with extra time. And it so happens that there is another quilt, of the same pattern, that belongs to another lady, that is waiting here for quilting, and will probably come up next! (And that one is perfectly flat).

Max has been switched off now, until Monday morning. I have another quilt to cut out tonight, and instructions to write for it. Pat checked another 7 yesterday, so when they are labelled they will be added to the pile I showed on Thursday. We might make it to the roof yet??

It is only 2 weeks until the retreat, and I am looking forward to that. There are 10 ladies coming to join in the fun, and that is a "more than full" house!

My fire has gone out, and I have the heater turned up in my studio, as I won't be heading for the lounge tonight. We have had good rains this week, and cold days. Gardening is on hold, until after the June retreat!

Stay warm, (or cool) and enjoy your weekend.

Blessings, From Jude


Chookyblue...... said...

Good to see you can work miracles.......

Susan Smith said...

Aaah! The quilter can quilt it out. Well done Judy & love how you've quilted the flying geese. Can't wait to see what case I get. It's cool here too, though we've had only 30mm this May so far & my garden is on hold as well. For me, it's more the fact that I don't want to get any dirt or infections on the chillblains which have split. Can't believe how bad they've been this year. Keep warm & toasty, take care & I'll see you soon.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Wow, you did fix it!!! Very well done! xx