Friday, 23 December 2016

Back again

I am back again, after a lovely catchup with special friends. Thankyou Raelene for the bikkies and your thoughtfullness. It was nice to sit back and chat, and not to be thinking about the next quilt that needs to be finished. (Note to self: do more of this!) It is a pity it is so hot, that sitting outside in the pergola was not an option. 

We sat at the kitchen table, and were all rather warm, so thought I better turn the air conditioner on, to cool the house down a bit. When Helen arrived, she was rather hot and bothered after doing busy stuff. We all chatted away, and enjoyed the cuppa and bikkies, and about half an hour later, I thought to myself that the room was not much cooler, and wondered how it would cope in the next few days with extra people around??  The Christmas Day temperature is expected to be over 40Deg. That's when the "penny" dropped and I realised that the last time I had used the air con was when it was on HEAT!! No wonder we were not getting any cooler. One person laughed and said he was going to nominate me for a "Wood Duck Award". As we have had such cool weather leading right up into December, I think there might be quite a few other people forgetting to change the settings too!!

While I was in Mount Gambier I found lots of bargains in the plant shop, and so I purchased lots of seedlings. I have finally finished my brick edge at the laundry side of the house, after trying all year to get this done. Tis a bit of a worry with the rising temperatures, but I shall just have to be keeping up the water, and this morning I mulched them all. After I finished planting, I realised that a photo of my purchases would have been good, so I took the empty containers, for you to see how many I bought. Hopefully I might get some photos if they all grow. I know it is a risk planting at this time of the year, but I have not had the time to do it before now. (I need to find the before and after shots of the side.)

Also this week I have dug out my older Janome machine that does the embroidery, that has not been used by me for years. I had decided to embroider names on towels for a lot of the gifts this year. I have done about 9 of them, and should have taken a photo, but forgot until most of them were wrapped. So my Christmas shopping is all done, and the pressies are wrapped and under the tree.

GD3 helped with some of the baking, and I only have a little bit to do yet, and that is a job for tomorrow. I shall cook the meat the day before and then will only have the vegetables to do on the morning. There are a few beds still to be made, and floors to clean, but tomorrow is another day. Nearly all of my family will be here for Christmas lunch, and we all go to my extended family for lunch on Boxing Day.

There is also a big change around of shelves in both my sewing rooms, and some new plans will be happening there. More about that soon. Taking the opportunity to have a BIG sortout and cleanout of the STUFF that is here. This might take me awhile, and quilts are on hold for a week or two.

That's all the newsfromjude for now.

In case I don't get back for another post before Sunday, I wish you all a Blessed Christmas, as we remember the real reason for the season, the birth of our Lord and Saviour.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Wishing you every blessing of the festive season to you and your family Judy, hope you have a wonderful day. I too have been planting in the heat, wondering what I am doing it now, but I figured better late then never! And gardening was more fun the braving the shops or baking in the heat.

jfoster8 said...

Merry Christmas...

Jean McGee said...

Best wishes for a lovely, peaceful Christmas with your family and take advantage of the time to rest and reap the rewards of all your hard work in the house and garden. 😀😀