Friday, 23 December 2016

Out and about

The days are just whizzing by, and there has been no quilting happening here this week. But I have managed to fill in my time anyway. In the last week I have been on the road a fair bit, and have clocked up almost 20 hours of driving, over 3 different days. 2 of those trips were to the city, to pick up GD3, and return again. I did manage to do a bit of Christmas shopping both times, which was good, and a delivery of 2 quilts, and a pickup of a future project. Watch this space for more news on that!
Another trip was to Naracoorte for a medical appointment, and then further on to Mount Gambier to pick up more of the future project, (??).
The township of Penola, and the surrounding Coonawarra district had a fantastic display of Santa's, placed in some shops and along the roadsides. On the way home, we stopped for a few photographs. There were lots more than this though. Some were very creative in their ideas, and went to a lot of effort. 

Not sure if this Santa has finished his job, or is watching tele while on the job!

Santa must have arrived home now, and the boots were at the "door" of the tent, and the washing on the line. (But not too sure what was happening, after I realised what was hanging on the line!!

And he must have finished the job, and is in holiday mode here, and Santa is at the wheel of the ute, although you can't see him in this photo. (A real "blast from the past" with the old ute, and the caravan!!)

Even though I have clocked up a lot of time on the road, other things are happening in the background too. I have done some sorting of my clothes, and here are 3 bags full, ready to be donated.

And there is more to tell, but as I have got visitors and the cuppa and bikkies (thanks Raelene) are on the agenda now, I will be back soon with more newsfromjude.

Blessings, From Jude

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Susan Smith said...

Great post and photos Judy. I love Penola and Mount Gambier area. Wonder what these future projects are? Once this "silly season" is over, you should be able to slow down a bit. Enjoy your cuppa with the visitors. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us. Take care.