Sunday, 4 December 2016

Am back again...

Friday was a lovely day out for Pat and I as we travelled up the highway to attend the QGSA Valuation Day which was followed by a pooled lunch. After lunch we visited Tricia's Discount Fabric store, where I was searching for a backing for a customer quilt. It has been a tricky colour to match, and I had nothing in my shelves to suit, so I was pleased to find a good match. It was also a quilt delivery point for the candlewicked quilt I finished last week, and photos will follow soon. Nice to meet up with a customer who I had only spoken to over the phone.
Then we went to another couple of shops nearby for a few more supplies, and then headed home. As we were heading out of the city, and as we were so close to Fullarton Rd, we made a quick decision to check out the "Thread Matters" exhibition by Mary Williams which is on in the Hughes Gallery  at the Fullarton Park Community Centre. This is on between December 2 and 18, and is worth a visit.
I took some photos, but the colours have not come out true, so I am disappointed. I will post some photos, but you really need to check it out yourself to appreciate the work in Mary's display. The stitching in each piece is just amazing. I came away wanting to sit and stitch like this for myself, and also admit to purchasing a small piece of her work.

On the way home, we called into Murray Bridge to see my parents, and deliver a birthday gift to my mum, who will be 85 this week. She is amazing, and today I have been told that she now has her own mobile phone, and learning to use it. She is pretty good with the ipad and facebook these days, now the phone, and I wonder what next? When I sent her a message and asked what next, she replied, "watch this space!" Good on ya mum! Hope you have a great day on Wednesday.

Tis a week of special events, as tomorrow it will be one year since the wedding of DD3, and I know they are celebrating back in the Yarra Valley, where they were married.

I have had a rare weekend at home, and yesterday I gave some overdue attention to the garden. The weeds have got away from me, and the rain has stopped, so watering is happening again. And after church this morning, I have been sorting and clearing out some stuff. There is a long way to go yet, but it feels good to start. The clothes in the wardrobe have taken over, and last year, I took everything out and put it on the bed and commenced my purge. But it is a mammoth task, and I did not get very far before it was time for bed. So everything went back into the wardrobe and stayed put, until today. Try again. But I had a better idea, of putting it all on the spare bed, and not where I need to sleep. That way, I can do it in little bits of time, and don't get overwhelmed. And it can stay there, until I need the bed for a visitor??

That's all for tonight.

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Your Mum is keeping up with the times, good for her! Love the exhibition photos.

Susan Smith said...

Wow, those floral pieces are stunning. I wouldn't have the patience. Your Mum is amazing as I don't do mobile phones or facebook and just at the moment technology is getting the better of me. Stupid NBN rollout. I missed your emails and a spot for next March (boohoo). I must try & give you a call. Have a good week and take care.

Jean McGee said...

Lots of news in these recent posts, your Mum is amazing keeping up with the modern world, it will be opening up communication for her that she never had before. The quilts are beautiful as usual and little Miss Bridie is growing so fast and seems a happy little girl. Have some rest when you can and enjoy the Christmas festivities with your family and friends. 😀😀😀😀