Saturday, 10 December 2016

Catching up again....

I have switched Max off for the day, and before I head outside to do some garden jobs, thought I better catch up with another post. (Or someone will be accusing me of it being a famine again.) I don't really know where the days disappear too. Each week I start out with a list of things I need to do, including the quilts I want to finish, and I have to confess that most weeks there is usually something not crossed off from the list. Perhaps I should try writing less things on the list??

Other than the customer Christmas Cards, I have not done any Christmas preparations yet. I have 5 more quilts that I want to do before I think about it. Our local patchwork group held it's end of year dinner last Monday night. As usual it was a lovely night out, with good food and the company of friends. Sorry I did not even think about taking photos.

On Thursday it was the last Gumnut Angels sewing day for the year. There was a bit of progress happening with quilts being constructed, backings being chosen, and scraps sorted, and an important part of the day is the chatter and friendships around the table with a cuppa and lunch.

I received an unexpected visit later that day from my BIL and his wife, who were in town for the funeral of a friend. It's a while since we have caught up, so it was good to sit for cuppa and chat. The photo album came out again, and we went down memory lane, as well as catching up on the latest in each other's family. (And because my BIL married my cousin, it means we have a double family connection!) In the album was this photo of their wedding, and it was a reminder of just how many years have gone by, how much "water has gone under the bridge", and how young everyone looked!! And just looking at the photo, brought many more memories, as about 4 years later, I married that good looking fella on the left of the photo. 😊 This was taken about 47 years ago, which is half a lifetime, isn't it?

Yesterday I finished a quilt, and spent time outside. I have an area of garden under a big tree, which takes a lot of moisture and makes it hard to grow things under it. This year there was a lovely crop of soursobs, which I sprayed out. I ordered a load of dirt to add to what was there, and it was delivered yesterday. I have been busy raking it out and then will be planting my collection of succulents etc, which are patiently waiting in their pots. I had hoped to get this done before the weather got too hot, but life got in the way.

Those stones will be shifted and arranged "creatively" in amongst the plants "somehow"!

This post was to be a catchup of quilts again, but that will have to wait until next time.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

Blessings, From Jude

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Love the ladies hair "do's"!