Friday, 8 January 2016

Waiting for the paint to dry....

Thought it was time for another bit of newsfromjude, so here are some more quilt photos.

First up is Robyn's quilt called Rustic Roses, which was started in the Pick a case Mystery weekend at The Sanctuary last year. Simple custom quilting on this one. I think this pattern will be used again in a different set of fabrics in the future!?

The next 2 quilts were made by Pat, and the first one has one of those peeper borders, so it was allover in the centre, and then I did 2 border patterns outside of that.

This is a Bedford quilt, and I love how this turned out with the stripey border.It was quilted allover with a pattern called Cotton Seed.

While the weather has been "not too hot" this week, I have started on the painting. I have a few rooms to do and decided to start on the entry hall inside the front door. Sorry there is no "before" photo, but this is after I finished and put the furniture back in. Still have some photos to put up on the walls yet though. The walls were blue.

And this is the front wall of the sewing room. The curtains have been taken away, and the freeze removed from the wall. I had not really decided to paint this room, but once I got going, decided to keep going. Had to take down the curtain rods and brackets, and there was also a track up there, that I had never used, which also is down.

The frieze was pretty easy to get off.

The painted wall, looking a bit fresher, and much different without the curtains. The timber above the window was put up to attach the curtain rod too, in about the year 2000, and had never been stained, so there is another job! I have a plan for that piece of timber, so stay tuned.

So the window wall was finished, and this is the other wall!! Bit to move before I paint that, isn't there? Not that there is much wall visible with all of that "stuff" there!

It is all moved to the window side of the room now.

And the frieze is gone, and tape is on, ready for an early start this morning.

This is where I am working today, and the wall now has one coat of paint.

And while I was in the process of taping yesterday, I decided to do another room, which will be done today too. I am making the most of the weather, as the forecast is for it to heat up again over the weekend, and into next week. So now that I have had the second cup of coffee, and the first coat should be dry enough to go over, I will get back to work. Have a good day!

Blessings, From Jude


Michele Hill said...

Fabulous effort Jude and it is all looking lovely and fresh……a New Year and new house! X

jfoster8 said...

Well done.

Susan Smith said...

Well done Judy and you put me to shame these days, but after painting approximately 5 houses nealy single handed over the years, except for the ceilings, I'm over painting. I'd love to do something with this place, but it's in excellent condition, so will leave it for now. Don't overdo it and take care.