Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Family time

This week I have been fortunate to have had nearly all of my grandchildren here to stay.
Last Friday 3 of them came to stay until Sunday while  DD1 had some time out. It is always lovely to have them stay on my home patch.
Mr nearly 6 year old spoilt the cat,....

 and we played a few games of Sesame Street Snap.

and we made some red jelly.

Miss nearly 15 years old made some custard slice, and ate the leftovers in the saucepan..

Miss 11 year old loves to read, and I encouraged her to finish her book as I understand what it is like to be reading a good book and having to put it down. Must be time I took some time out to read a good book. Maybe after the renovations are finished??

We went to the local wildlife park and saw the white kangaroos, and the peacock with the beautiful feathers.

Then we visited Mundulla, a small town about 10 minutes away, and  played in their playground.

The weather was nice enough to have pancakes for brunch in the pergola on Sunday, when mum came to pick them up. After that the days heated up again.

Sunday afternoon DD2 and her family arrived. Miss 15 year old went to spend time with her father until Wednesday and 2 little boys and their mum stayed. While I had my "procedure" on Tuesday, they visited the Naracoorte Swimming Lake. The weather was approaching 40deg, so they had a good time in the water.

They played hide and seek, and Mr nearly 5 years old thought he had the best hidey spot under my desk, and big brother took a long time to find him there.

They also had some fun playing Sesame Street Snap. Mr 7 year old is wearing his sports glasses because his other 2 pairs are both being repaired. Lucky he has these to wear in the meantime.

Wednesday afternoon they picked up their big sister, who turned 15 years old that day, and headed for home for a birthday tea. I forgot to take a photo of Miss 15year old when she called in to see me on their way home, so I will include one taken at the wedding before Christmas of her and her mum.

  Seeing 6 out of 7 of my grandies in the last few days has been unusual, and even though I did not see Miss Bridie, I have "borrowed" a photo of her that was taken this week. 

It has been a lovely few days, (well except for the yucky medicine), and I now look forward to a visit of more family on the weekend coming up.
The weather is still very warm, and I can't wait for a few cooler days early next week. In amongst all this other activity I have finished a large custom quilt, which was picked up by it's happy owner yesterday. Stay cool.

Blessings, From Jude

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Jean McGee said...

What alovely time you had with your family especially a younger sister living so far away, but I am sure everyone enjoyed the time. Great sewing by your niece , she is lucky to have a clever Aunty. 😀