Sunday, 10 January 2016

My week "off"!

In my last posts I have updated you on my painting progress. I am happy to say that as of Friday afternoon, I washed out the roller and brush. I have finished 3 rooms, so am very happy with my week's work. Saturday's job was putting all the fabric back on the shelves in the sewing room. Sorting through it all has made me keen to get back to actually sewing some of it!
The process of painting a room, (well 3 of them), and having to shift "stuff" leads to sorting things out while you are moving it. So a lot of things got shifted from one room to another, and then another, and a lot ended up in my work room. And when you add to this the fact that the move from The Sanctuary over 3 months ago had left "stuff" from there in my room as well....... you see where that has led don't you! 
Today's job was to "sort" some of this, (and maybe some got moved into a different place), and I am happy to report that late this afternoon I have found homes for, or relocated, or even tossed some of that stuff. It feels so good to have some of the rooms in my house in some sort of order. I can get back to the quilting work tomorrow with a clearer head. (I can work in a mess for some time, but this was just too long!)

This was my mess behind the machine, where a lot of things can be hidden!

In the process of sorting the shelves at the back of the room, (and relocating things in the process!)   


I pulled the drawers units out, and cleaned behind them, and gave a few spiders a surprise!

At last there is some sort of order. I know there is still lots of stuff, but at least I know where most things are now.

The back shelves had some reorganising after a lot of my books were shifted......

to the entry hall. This book case was previously "across the road". I still have a whole shelf with no books yet!

The bedroom which was painted, with a new blind and curtains, and now I have a lovely blank wall to hang something on. Do you think I might be able to find something in my quilt cupboard???

And this is what I have done with the timber above the window in sewing room. I still have some wall space in this room too. I know there are lots of things in my cupboard that would love a chance to get some fresh air. I also have a brick wall at one end of this room, (although you can't see it in the photos), that would look much better with something hanging on it.

My fabric all restacked on the shelves, waiting patiently for some loving attention from me. The boxes at the top contain some of my WIP's.

I still have some painting ahead of me yet, but that might be next month I think. Some furniture needs to be moved, and some renovations are to happen first.

I will be back with another post soon, but am ready to call it a day, or a week maybe!? The weather is heating up again, and some quilting is on the agenda.

Blessings, From Jude


jfoster8 said...

You've been busy. Looking good.

Susan Smith said...

Well done and I think a break till this hot weather passes is a good idea. Maybe a little time spent sewing for "YOU" could be therapeutic. Have a good week and take care.

Sue SA said...

So impressed you managed all that painting on your own! I am not so keen on being up a ladder, dont mind painting as long as both feet on the ground! Your clean up looks great and nothing feels better then getting rid of some "stuff", sometimes less is best! Hope you get to sew something in the WIP pile soon.

Jean McGee said...

It all looks fantastic Judy and such a lot if hard work, I know how tiring painting can be especially on your own but the end result is great. How good to be able to find things now you have done all that sorting. You are amazing! 😀