Saturday, 30 January 2016

Quilting is still happening

I know that I haven't posted much in the way of quilt photos recently, as there is so much other "stuff" going on. But in the background I have been getting some quilts finished for customers. So this morning before I launch into my day, and before you all think I have been slacking on the quilting front, I thought I would share some photos. 

First is a quilt made by Beth for her grand daughter, and quilted all over with butterflies and swirls. 
I took the photo a bit late in the day, and the sun was coming through the window. I like to take them in the morning, when the light is just right.

This was made by Val, and uses up lots of blue/purple fabrics. Also quilted all over with the pattern that you can see in the second photo.

The next quilt is a sampler made by Taygan, and is her first quilt, and would you believe it is all HAND PIECED! This is an amazing effort for a first quilt, and from this NON hand anything girl, I am doubly amazed!! This was simply quilted with an allover meander.

This is an interesting quilt, made by Betty, with Australian prints, and appliqued circles on the background. The colours were more vibrant than this photo shows, and it was quilted allover with a pattern called Inside Out, which I thought was appropriate for the fabrics.

This is just a little update of quilting, and there are still more in the files. Have been working on a few custom recently, which I will show another day. It is 5.30am and I have had the first coffee for the day, and will now get dressed and head to the lounge for a day of painting. I painted the bathroom on Thursday evening, before they put the bath in yesterday.

 The cornice in the lounge was repaired in the last couple of days, and I had intended to paint the ceiling last night. But, I needed to undercoat the new bits first, so off to the shop yesterday to get a little tin of undercoat. That was applied late yesterday and my intention was to keep painting last night. But you know that all good intentions can change don't you. It started raining late afternoon, and I decided that maybe the rest of the painting could wait until this morning, so that the undercoat could dry, as the air was quite moist. I also did not fancy going into the back, back yard and washing out the paint stuff in the rain. As it happened, it took me an hour or two to put painters tape on all the door frames etc and then I was tired enough to call it a day. Did I mention that in my lounge there are 5 doorways, and a sliding door ,(leading out to the pergola), and the doors to some wall cupboards, which all needed taping. There is also an archway into the kitchen, which thankfully needed no tape!
Have added a couple of photos of my mess in progress. I will be so relieved when it is all finished. Seems like it is a game of musical furniture, moving stuff around so that I can work in each room.

The view from the dining room, where my lounge is currently moved to.

The view from the sliding door, where you can see all the doors and cupboards.

If you are thinking the flue on the wood heater is a bit skewed you are right. I was wondering how I was going to be able to paint in the narrow corner behind the heater, as I could not get the ladder in there, but thanks to the brilliance of the tradesmen here yesterday, it was suggested to move the heater! I thought it was well and truly fixed to the slate on the floor, but no, it was just sitting there, and after he moved the flue out, the heater was pushed forward, and hey presto, I could get into the corner with the ladder!!

This is the view from a bedroom door, looking back to the dining area and then into the front sewing room. Even have very heavy piano which needed to be moved. Thankfully it is on wheels, and some muscle men rolled it forward for me.

Think it's time to press the publish button and head for the shower, and a second coffee, before I stir the paint and get busy. Ceiling first, and then the walls. It is my intention to finish this room today, so here's hoping. The rain sounds like it has stopped, and the weather is much cooler for a couple of days, before it heats back up again next week.

Blessings, From Jude


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Isn't it interesting how one repair leads to this... and that...and before you know it you're living in total chaos!?!! Good luck with your taping/painting; it will all be worth it and soon you'll step back and admire the beautiful results. Speaking of beautiful: those quilts... especially that HAND PIECED one! Wow!! Have a great weekend~

Sue SA said...

Hats off to you for all your hard work, the house is going to look great with a fresh coat of paint , not to mention the renovated bathroom.

Vicki W said...

Kudos to you for doing all of the decorating! I hate doing that stuff but love when it's all done.

Pauline Clark said...

Well done Judy. It will be lovely when finished. It is a credit to you. xx