Monday, 11 January 2016

Lessa Siegele

Yesterday I received an email from Lessa Siegele telling me that the episode that she features in on The Quilt Show is available to view. This is free for a week, starting today, Australian time. 
Hopefully the following link will work for you.

Michele Hill has posted more about Lessa and the Rajah quilt on her blog, with links for you to find out more about the Rajah quilt, so I won't mention that here. Click on Michele's name to read about that.

Lessa has been to Bordertown quite a few times to teach us new skills. I have also done Lessa's classes at Quilt Encounter, which is a week long quilt camp previously run by Lessa and her helpers. I am trying to add up how many classes I have done with her. Lessa is also famous for her input into the Bedford Quilts with Faye Packham and their supportive committee. Her influence in the Australian quilt industry has been far reaching and her classes are always a great learning experience. She is a very generous teacher, and I know I have learnt lots from her. 

The Rajah quilt, which is now available as a Block of the Month. (The link is on Michele's blog).

I have searched my photo archives and come up with the following photos of Lessa teaching the Gumtree Quilters at Bordertown.

Just been thinking about how many classes I have done with Lessa, and can remember the following.

  • A Trip around the World
  • Two for one which was 60 deg triangles made into hexagons or stars.
  • Mariners Compass
  • New York Beauty
  • Peppermint Rose (which I only did 4 blocks of and used them in the centre of my Head to the Border quilt in 2015)
  • Fractured Circles (which is one of my WIP's in a box on top of the shelves!!)
Well done Lessa and thankyou for your part in my quilting journey. When I started doing patchwork back in 1996, I never dreamt that I would have a career as a machine quilter.
I intend watching the video in my lunchtime break today. Now it's time to load another quilt and start my day.

Blessings, From Jude


Michele Hill said...

Fabulous post Jude……love the photos of Lessa. I have some very funny ones from the late 1980's early 1990's but not sure she would be too impressed if I showed them! Hugs x

Sue SA said...

Lessa was one of my first quilt tutors and I have learned so much from her each and every time I have done one of her classes. Plus she organised a great quilters garage sale, from which I came home with many bargains, including someone else's UFO, which is now one of my fav table runners!