Thursday, 25 December 2014

‘Tis Christmas morning

and all the rest of the house is still sleeping! Santa has been and 2 little boys have not woken up yet!


They must have been so tired after their day yesterday. They spent time at the farm, and doing little boy things, and then last night was an impromptu game of back yard cricket on the lawn at The Sanctuary! You can see that the bat is nearly as long as this little man is high! But a good time was had by all. They managed to hit some balls, and were happy to chase the balls that the adults hit hard over the top of the trees! (Notice the chair they used for a wicket.)



I best get to the shower before the day’s action begins. Don’t want to miss the excitement when the little ones do wake up.

I have meat to cook for lunch, and church to attend. More family will arrive from Melbourne by lunch time. Unfortunately one of mine is unable to be here today, but will come tomorrow. And tomorrow we get to do it all again when there will be about 30 of my family here for our traditional Boxing Day gathering.

I do hope you enjoy your day, wherever you are, and what ever you will be doing. Remember the real reason for the season as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, who came that we may know Love, Joy, Hope and Peace.

Blessings, From Jude

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Susan Smith said...

Just catching up with some of your blog Judy and will give you a ring in the New Year. I played cricket with my grandson yesterday in Canberra. Thankfully it wasn't as warm as today on the way home, as it hit 35deg at one stage and was extremel windy. Hope you had a lovely Xmas and have a great New Year.