Thursday, 4 December 2014

The trees came down this week

Right along the fence line between The Sanctuary and the neighbour were some magnificent big gum trees. They were lovely shade and people loved to park their cars under them. A couple of years ago, the one in the corner kept dropping very large branches, just inside the neighbours yard, and on the fence as well. I have a good friend who loves to use his chainsaw, and he decided it was safer to lop the tree and cut it back as in the first photo. This is what it looks like now that it has a year or so of regrowth. It was a big job to cut this down, and wait for the branches to dry out and then burn them.
And these are the other 2 trees, which are taller, and you can see how they are leaning over the next door house. Every time we had strong winds, I was anxious in case a branch fell on their house and did some damage. Although most of the time, it was on a hot day that the branches fell.
And a few weeks ago, this was the scene that met me as I walked over the road to The Sanctuary. Thankfully, the branch missed the car, and there was no damage. But it was time to do something about the other 2 trees, and so I called the “tree man” to come and quote me for the job.
This week was the time for it to happen, and you can see the action below. They removed about 5 truck loads of branches, and cut the remaining timber to put in my wood shed to use in the slow combustion heater. That was a lot of tree now gone. I am thankful that now the wind can blow, and I can rest easy. And the cars of ladies who come for retreats are now safe!
This is how they look now, but hopefully it won’t be long before the leaves shoot out and they don’t look so bare.

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Sue SA said...

Wow that was two lucky misses! Hope the quilting goes well so you can start your Christmas shopping before 24th!