Sunday, 7 December 2014

83 years young today


It is my mum’s birthday today, and she has turned 83 years! I won’t say old, because she looks great for her age. A few years ago she (and us), had quite a scare with serious health issues, but she recently passed the 5 year milestone.

Mum and Dad are presently holidaying at Normanville Caravan Park, so it was not an option to visit her at home today. And Normanville is a few hours drive from my place, but I felt led to make the trip to visit. Normanville is also a place with lots of memories for our family, with many holidays in my childhood, and for mum and dad from when they were teenagers. The town has certainly changed, and gone “modern” as with many older towns. It is many years since I have been back, and I am so glad I made the trip. It would have been so easy to keep quilting to get through the pre Christmas jobs. And the housework can wait a bit longer still!

Soon after our surprise arrival, it was time to head for the beach. The weather was quite overcast and cool in the morning, but did warm up slightly in the afternoon. We strolled along the beach, collected some shells, and had fish and chips for lunch. I don’t think you can go to Normanville without eating fish and chips!



Writing Happy Birthday Ma, in the sand.


I won’t go in very far Mum!


Mum, I got my shorts wet!Sad smile


Looking for shells with Pa. My dad, with my youngest grandchild, almost 80 years difference in ages.


The sailboats setting up for the afternoon races that are held each Sunday.


They have spent of quite a bit of their lives under this jetty while holidaying, although Dad said that the jetty is much shorter than it used to be years ago. I must go and look at the photo albums, as I think there is one taken of me in this spot about 40 years ago. Now I am feeling ancient!


Can you see the family resemblance?

10676283_10152575675462861_4229575744649984241_n (1)

2 little boys were rather tired after their day at the beach.


Well after my big day out, I think it’s time for bed, and be ready to finish a quilt tomorrow morning. Still working on a batch of Christmas Cards which need to be posted soon.

Blessings, From Jude

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