Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Quilts, and this and that


Time for another blog update and first up are photos of Cheryl’s quilts.

The first 2 are both hand pieced scrappy hexagons, both quilted with edge to edge patterns. I just can’t imagine hand piecing anything, and I have another one of Cheryl’s waiting in the queue, with very tiny hexagons. It’s just amazing. The first one is quilted with Simply Feathers, and the second Soft and Sweet.



Another one from Cheryl, very pretty with little girls and cupcakes appliqued in amongst the squares. Simply custom quilted.


And this is an Embroidered Christmas quilt, made by Cheryl’s friend, and with simple custom quilting.


This is a photo of 3 of my grandchildren, taken at the beach last week. (I “borrowed” the photo from their mother’s facebook page!


Yesterday I had a trip to the city (3 hours there, and 3 hours back) for an appointment. I did a little bit of shopping, for a quilt backing that I had been trying to match for colour, and quick visit to Officeworks, and also to Bunnings. I am so glad that I have done my Christmas shopping in our local town. It was bedlam in all the shops, the traffic was awful and the queues at the checkout long. And there were grumpy, stressed looking people everywhere. I always breathe a sigh of relief when I leave the city behind, and head up into the hills for home.

I am relieved to say that my appointment went well, and after an ultrasound I have the all clear. I had been quite concerned about a strange mark that appeared on the boob. It is close to the site of my cancer surgery, so all sorts of scenarios go through the mind!

In the middle of my day, I had a lovely early Christmas lunch with family that will not be here on Christmas Day, although I will see some the day after.

Photo below is of my other 3 grandchildren in front of their tree with the presents they had just opened.


I left home at 7am and arrived home again just after 9pm, so it was a big day, and today I am very tired, and “in recovery”!! I had intended to get another quilt done and that did not happen. So I thought that while I was bludging, I may as well do a blog post. The next few days will be fully occupied with family arriving later tonight, and others later, and some here until Saturday.

So I wish you and your family a Joyous, Blessed, Peace filled Christmas. I will be back in a few days to update you on the happenings over Christmas, in this house.

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

So pleased for you that the ultra sound results were negative..or should I say positively "all good"!
I agree, DH wanted to do all our Christmas shopping in Adelaide before we moved (grumble grumble) but it was pure pleasure to pop down the street yesterday to grab the last few things without half the traffic or parking woes! Have a lovely Christmas.