Thursday, 4 December 2014

Another week has gone


I can’t believe that is is only just over a week since I came back from Melbourne. I have had my head down catching up with quilting, and ignoring house work. I think that perhaps next week I might need to look deeper at the rest of the house. I have another couple of weeks quilting to get done, before I can even think about Christmas.

I have updated the last week into a series of little posts. We also had our local Patchwork group Christmas Dinner, and I took the camera, but hardly used it.

Below is a bedspread made by Pat from curtain fabric for her guest room, to match the curtains. It is quilted edge to edge with Leaflet, a Keryn Emerson pattern.


Also made by Pat, is her Bedford quilt, with edge to edge quilting in a swirling pattern.


This is Karen’s quilt, very pretty fabrics, and quilted all over with Funky Flowers.


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