Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Christmas Tree Display


Our local Hospital Auxiliary Group organised a Christmas Tree Display at the local Civic Centre. It is on display for 4 weeks, and the public are able to vote for their favourite tree by placing money into a tin, and the money raised goes to the hospital. I visited last week, and was amazed at the creativity of our locals, and the diversity of ideas. Hope you enjoy our Christmas tree display.

I can’t remember all the titles of the trees, but have listed some of them.

First is “The Christmas Line” by the local Breastfeeding Association.


This one was by the Embroiderers Guild.




Made by the local Childcare Centre.


Very creative idea by the local Library staff.


This is the entry from the Gumtree Quilters, and features hand made gum leaves.


“Starry, starry night”.


“I must always have Flowers” by the local Garden club.



Made by the local Primary School.


“A warm, woolly Christmas” by the local Retirement Village. Even the tree was knitted.


“A Bush Christmas”.



“Rusty Relics” by the local Historical Clayton Farm.


“A Wheelie Good Christmas”, by the local Mens Shed.


“The Reason for the Season”.


“Christmon” by the Lutheran Ladies.




This blog post has been my sit down time in amongst my busy day today. I have at last started to think about Christmas. I have written some lists, and started on my cleaning. I have washed windows, and floors and attacked cobwebs and dust in places not seen for awhile. I even took down some curtains and washed them for the first time in ages (should I admit to years?), and whoops, they might have shrunk a bit, and you can see daylight coming in at floor level now!! Open-mouthed smile Still only half way through my house yet, so tomorrow will be another day. I have unpacked the Christmas tree and hung some of the decorations, and put out the nativity scene. Now it feels like Christmas and the real reason for the season.

There is one more quilt on the machine to do an edge to edge on sometime in the next few days. And maybe some shopping will be next on the agenda, and then some Christmas cooking. But I am making a real effort to make this season a stress free time, and not go “over the top” with lots of spending. Christmas has become far too commercial, and everyone feels under so much pressure to spend more than they can afford, or need to.

Time to get back to work before I go to have a hair trim. We are enjoying lovely weather this week, not too hot or cold.

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

What a gorgeous idea to raise money for the hospital, loved seeing all the different trees, thank you! Enjoy your baking, so much more fun then cleaning!