Friday, 3 January 2014

A new door opens

I had planned a posting for January 1st, and now I see it is already the 3rd day, so better late than never. I have been on a mission this week, quilting a few customer quilts, and housework as well. All my front windows have been cleaned, and floors washed, and some rearranging of furniture in my studio! I hope it is going to be more user friendly, and will help me to be more organised and up to date with the book work. I know that last time I got behind, I said that I was not going to let it happen again, but....... woops, it did!  And in the process of moving things around, I have sorted and thrown lots of papers, and "stuff"! Feels really good, might have to keep going through the whole house.

 The door of 2013, which included highs and lows, has closed, so we can leave behind the past, and work at making 2014 a better year. This year will be a year that includes quite a lot of significant family events, so looking forward to most of them.

At the Christmas catchup at my sister's house, I received a parcel from my mum, which included lots of photos for me to look through and decide what I wanted to keep. (Looks like mum is sorting out "stuff" too!) And another box contained some diaries of my grandmother and great grandmother to read. The one I really loved reading was my great grandmother's, Lousia's diary entries from 1913 until 1919. I felt a great affinity with her, actually seeing her writing, and reading what she had written.(I wonder if my great grandchildren will be reading my writing in years to come?) She also had a great faith, and quoted the Bible in lots of her writings. They lived on a farm, and lots of entries were about the weather. I can't help but compare the excess we have in these times, compared with how tough it must have been for them. No electricity, a wood stove to cook on and candles for lights.

Now it's time to switch on Max, and finish what I started yesterday.
The weather is cooler for a few days, and we had 24pts rain the last 2 days. Nice for the garden and a bit in the tank.

Enjoy your day, wherever you are, and thankyou to all those who visit my blog, and follow my life.

Blessings, From Jude
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Sue SA said...

Wow what a privilege to have your great grandmothers diaries! You forget how much they relied on the weather and how it affected their daily lives. We take so much for granted in the city; electricity, mobile phones and a doctor at the local hospital, but the farmers still rely on the weather!