Sunday, 5 January 2014

A busy weekend


My guest has gone home, and the house is back to quiet with only me here, unless I talk to myself of course!  (And sometimes I find myself doing just that!) Not that I am saying she was noisy either. It was lovely to spend one on one time with one of my grandchildren.

She had a busy time, and finished the border on her quilt, so we thought that maybe it could be quilted. So it was duly pinned on, and I thought perhaps she should have a practice on “Max”, and the first photo is a picture of concentration. Computer is unattached, and freehand will be the way to go, and practice fabric loaded. By that time, the afternoon was moving along, and we decided that it should just be basted for now, and quilted when there was more time. Second photo is the quilt, with the chosen bright pink backing that you can just see. So the quilt has been unzipped for another time.



This little girl is rather creative, and always loves to play with the stuff in my studio, and usually organises the pin cushion and colour coordinates the pins, can you see the clown, with his bow tie on? I always find it a bit hard to actually use the pins after she leaves. And the lady on the left is made from fabric scraps, an empty thread cone, and some thread hair! After this photo she was blessed with arms as well.


And another idea I found this week, were cards made with fabric scraps, and these were the results. From the Strawberry Patch is where I found this idea. Thankyou. A great way to use up scraps, although not much of a dent was made to the collection.


Well, time to get back to the book work, lots to do yet before I catch up.

Be back soon, with another quilt show,

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

You two were busy little beavers. Nice to have time with a grandchild to do crafty things. Take care.

Sue SA said...

Precious fun time together! Love the button tree and the cone lady! So nice that your granddaughter is taking an interest in quilting, as it would be easy to just expect a quilt from grandma istead!