Saturday, 4 January 2014

A weekend guest

Last night I received a special delivery of one of my granddaughters to stay for the weekend. We have had a very busy day, and could not believe just how quickly tea time came around.
We started out with a shopping trip to purchase some buttons and craft glue. Somewhere on the "net" this week I saw a great idea, and I would give credit if I knew where! So, if you know, thankyou.
The first photo shows the big decisions in working out what buttons to put where, and this was after drawing and colouring the tree.

And this is the result, and I know if she doesn't remember to take it home, I shall be quite happy for it to stay here! Fantastic effort I think, don't you?

And now she is at the sewing machine, putting the border on a quilt that she started last year when we had a special retreat at The Sanctuary.
It is lovely to spend time with the grandies on my "home ground", and as they all live 3 hours from me, it happens rarely.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, whatever you are up too.
From Jude
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Susan Smith said...

How lovely to spend quality time with your granddaughter. Love the button tree and it is a great idea.
Take care.