Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Far tooooo HOT!

I am starting to wish for a bit of that extreme cold that is happening in the North, well, not really, but cooler temperatures would be welcome!
Today reached a maximum here of 46.7deg C, tomorrow is forecast 46, then 47 and then on Friday 44, before it gets back to 30 for the weekend. And on the conversion chart, 46 is 114.8!!!! This is so draining, and hard to concentrate on work..... that's enough complaining, I should be thankful, and I really am, that I can work inside, that I have an air conditioner (although it's struggling), and that we have water on tap, the power has not gone out, that I do have a house to live in, and a bed to sleep in.  Now I have put the hot weather into a better perspective, I think I feel better.

I am working on a large lone star quilt at the moment, and the photo is of the screen setup of the diamonds of the star. It is slow progress, mainly due to the heat, and lack of motivation in the heat. Must have been standing too long, as my feet and ankles are swollen tonight, and I can't remember that happening since I was pregnant, and that is many, many years ago.
(And I can assure you, that pregnant, I AM NOT!)

That's all for now, had my whinge, time to switch off for some sleep, so that I can get an early start on watering in the morning. So far, my vege garden is surviving. Had lots planned for this week, but don't think it will all happen.
Hope you are staying cool, or warm, wherever you are.
From Jude
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Susan Smith said...

Yes, it is too hot. It got to 43.4 here yesterday and it's 28 at 7am and like you it is supposed to reach in the forties till Friday and cool down on the weekend. Keep cool and take care. Get the legs up each day for a while to stop the swelling a bit.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Beautiful set up for the stars, Jude. Stay cool, my friend, and hydrated, keep your feet up too!