Monday, 13 January 2014

Been away again


Time for another posting, after a few days away. Seems to have been lots of family occasions lately, and this time it was an engagement party for DD3. Left late afternoon on Thursday, and was picked up by DD2 and family about 5pm and we arrived in Mebourne, down the other side, about midnight.

Photo below is our meal stop at the park in Horsham, and time for the boys to run around and stretch their legs.


There was time on Friday for a trip out to sea in the boat, and a bit of fishing.


These little boys, (and their dad), were hoping to catch a fish, but don’t think they stayed there long enough!


Saturday evening at the party, this is DD3 with 5 of my grandchildren. They love spending time with their Aunty.


My beautiful children, all grown up. It hardly seems any time since they were all little, like the grandies in the photo above. Don’t know where all that time went.


The happy couple cutting their cake.


Sunday was time to travel home, and this is the Big Koala, a tourist spot between Stawell and Horsham.


Now that i am home again, I have caught up on some sleep, watered the garden at The Sanctuary, been to the Post Office, the bank, and the shops, made some phone calls, and now I intend to spend the rest of today sitting at the desk. Tomorrow I will get back to the Lone Star quilt on the machine.

The weather here this week is tipped to be 40deg and over for the whole week, so it will early mornings in the garden, keeping up with the water, and the rest of the days inside, hoping that the power stays on, and the nights cool down enough for sleeping. It seems so strange that we are having such heat, and the northern hemisphere are having unusual freezing temperatures.

Be back with some more quilt photos soon,

Blessings, From Jude


Sue SA said...

Yikes it is hot outside! Lovely family pictures, glad you had a nice time in Melbourne.
Hope your sewing room is nice and cool : )

Susan Smith said...

Glad you had a lovely time and hope you stay cool over the next 4 days as that is what we are expecting too. The weekend should be cooler.
Take care.