Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Waiting for the binding fairy

Another day has finished, and only one more to get it all done.  Today I have finished quilting the New York Beauty, quilted an edge to edge quilt, put binding and sleeves on 2 quilts.

Also had the electrician here today to fix a few things, and look at my Pressure pump at The Sanctuary. Thought there was something wrong with it, as it was not pumping rain water into the house the other weekend. But, it turned out that my rain water tank was empty, and not the pump. Good that I don't need to replace the pump, but not good that there is no water in the tank, after a long, wet winter here. I think the trouble maybe in blocked gutters, from all the trees, so another call to the 'clean out gutter' man took care of that. I just hope that we get a good rain, after the gutters are cleaned out. Meanwhile, we have mains water into the house instead.

I have finished one binding tonight, and no Faye, you can't ask a white glove lady to look! My stitches are NOT dainty, but at the moment I just want it finished.  And I wonder if when I get up in the morning, whether the binding fairy will have been during the night and done the other quilt???

Above, the one waiting for the fairy, and below the one I have quickly done!

Good night all, catch ya another day.
From Jude
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Furball Farm Quilting said...

Tell those visitors to "hurry up"when showering!! I know how your feeling. We go out each day, tapping the tank to see how many rungs we are down, and continue to pray for rain. It's the "norm"to do the gutter cleaning each week here. It's almost like a ritual. I love that NYB quilt. I bet your glad the week is coming to an end.

Susan Smith said...

All the quilts look wonderful Judy and hope the show goes well. Take care and next week have an easy one.