Sunday, 6 October 2013

Recent Longarm Quilters Retreat


As it is almost a week since the Longarm Retreat, I better report or it will be history.

For most of us it is a rare opportunity to sew for ourselves. There always seems to be another customer quilt to do, or someone wants something done quickly. And our occupation is very solitary, so it’s great time of sharing with others who talk our language.

It was just fantastic to sit and spend time at my machine. I made sure I had lots of sewing jobs that needed to be done, and in between the catering I finished quite a bit. Our local exhibition is coming up in October and I sewed hanging sleeves onto a few quilts, but the binding on another quilt and a border was added.

All of us had projects that we started “awhile” ago, and lots of tops were finished. Such a good feeling to get them to that stage, even if they will stay in the quilting pile for another period of time!!



Above, and it was later in the afternoon, and we decided it “was 5 o’clock somewhere”, as the song goes! And below, lots of opinions on how to quilt Gayle’s scrap quilt. Love the black sashing.


Had a slight “water drama”, and some had rather late Sunday morning showers! Good excuse to sew in the dressing gown.


This Peppermint Rose quilt that Chris commenced in a Lessa Siegele workshop many years ago finally got a border, and looks great. (I need to confess to having one of these quilts in my PHD pile, and to be more honest, it’s not even half done!)


A few weeks ago I posted my New York Beauty quilt, that I had hoped was finished, and got the message from lots of you, that it needed a border, so now I am not asking opinions, just telling you that its done, well except for the quilting! This was also a workshop with Lessa Siegele.



Above and below are what Gayle was working on, 2 mystery quilts, started in workshops with Faye Packham. Top quilt is done, and the bottom was all done and needed the blocks to be sewn together.


And this is a bright Wedding Ring quilt, made by Val, as a table runner.


There were lots more projects worked on, but I was on a mission to sew, and often forgot to get the camera out. The local patchwork shops were visited and the local economy helped in the process.Smile

A good time was had by all, lots of sewing, lots of chatting about patterns, threads, waddings, and pricing amongst other subjects. And of course, the eating and coffee breaks. And a few dedicated ladies who walked around the town keeping fit.

Thankyou girls for coming, especially Gayle who spent 5 hours driving here, and then home again!  Next Longarm retreat is planned for 21-23 March, 2014, so put the date in your diary if you are interested.

Time to get back to the machine, need to finish this quilt by tomorrow, so that’s enough sit down time for now.


From Jude


jfoster8 said...

Sounds great Judy....wonder if I could manage to come next time...?

Furball Farm Quilting said...

Great idea Jude, all likeminded ladies, .......... I find it very difficult to get my own work done. Love the quilts finished on the weekend.

Michele Hill said...

Your New York Beauty quilt looks fabulous you can weave your long-arm magic on your 'spare time'! Many hugs xxx

Christina said...

Your New York Beauty looks fabulous with the border Judy.

Susan Smith said...

Seems like a great time and plenty of work was done by all. remember you doing some of your New York Beauty whilst we were there in August. Looks really good. Take care.