Thursday, 24 October 2013

Exhibition Report

It must be time for a report on last weekend’s exhibition, as it’s a week today since we hung the quilts. Life has not let up since then, as I have a few very patient ladies, who were happy to wait until after the show for me to do their quilts.  And in between I have been trying to do some weeding in the garden at The Sanctuary. I am still waiting for the gutter cleaning man to come, but in the meantime we have had lots of rain this week, so I am sad to think about it all running “down the drain”, instead of in the tank. Note to self, organise the cleaning of the gutters more often, so that this does not happen.

Well, back to the subject of the exhibition, we had a good weekend, lots of lovely comments about the quilts, and a good catch up with quilters from other areas who visited. We raised a good amount for the local Chaplaincy Fund with our raffle quilt, which was won by a local lady, who will be pleased to receive it.

Last May we had our annual retreat at Pendleton, and the lovely Faye Packham came to join us, and Marilyn was working on a quilt that had been “in the works” for awhile, and has now been finished. Below is Faye checking out Marilyn’s quilt.


And this is Faye and Lauren in front of one of the Bedford quilts.


June in front of one of her heirloom quilts. She had 3 hanging, which she has made for each of her granddaughters. They were just beautiful. I just love to see these quilts finished, and have enjoyed teaching the techniques. I have some more ladies interested in the classes, so am planning time again next year to start some more.


And this is Jocelyn and her friend Marg, in front of Jocelyn’s heirloom quilt called “Memories”. The quilt included the horseshoes from her wedding, and pieces of fabric that were special, including leftover bits from Marg’s mother of the bride outfit. Marg (who is not a quilter), has been watching this quilt being made over the last 5 years, and has taken a keen interest in it along the way, but this was the first time she had seen it finished, so was very pleased. And the “icing on the cake”, was the fact that this quilt won Viewers Choice at the exhibition! – (Jocelyn is also a cake decorator!)


Pat’s Blue Diamonds, lots of candle-wicking and amazing embroidery in this very big quilt!


The Green and Gold, a quickly pieced quilt, and quilted using a Kerryn Emerson pattern, made by me.


A view of all our Bedford quilts, hanging in a row, and 2 general views of some of the quilts.




This is not a good photo, the light was shining across, and I meant to go back and get a better one, but forgot. This is Lois’s Ring Cycles and my New York Beauty quilts, both started in March with Lessa Siegele, when she came to Bordertown. I am pretty pleased to have this finished, in less than a year! And I love the bright colours in Lois’ quilt, the circles really shine out. And I know that she is glad this is finished, was a bit of a rush job to get it done! There is something about a deadline, otherwise things seems to hang around, don’t they?


This quilt of Marie’s is very striking, and there were lots of comments.


This is Kath’s quilt, a Ginny Beyer basket quilt.


Linda’s quilt that she made for her daughter, which was also a very large quilt.


This is my quilt, Gone around the block, made in a mystery quilt workshop, a couple of years ago, and actually quilted this year!


Another of Linda’s quilts, called African Beauty, using fabrics that she hand-dyed in a class with Marie Holly, of Holly Hand Dyes. We have nick named this Licorice Allsorts!


And this is Mignon’s quilt, which was made from fabrics in her stash, and is very “Mignon” with the soft colours that she uses.


Heather Ridley has been to Bordertown to do a Kookaburra workshop, and this is Heather “checking” out 2 of the finished quilts!


This is the Christmas display which was in a corner of the hall.


A few ladies enjoying afternoon tea.


I had some lovely people staying at The Sanctuary and this is afternoon tea on the front verandah, enjoying the sunshine and watching the world go by!


That’s about it, hope you enjoyed my quilt show on the blog, time to have a shower and get back to the machine and finish the custom that’s half done. Just looked at the date, and realised that tomorrow it will be 2 months until Christmas! Where has the year gone?

Bye for now,

Blessings, From Jude


Furball Farm Quilting said...

What a great display. You have some very talented ladies in your quilting group. Time flies when your having fun Jude!!

Susan Smith said...

Seems like the show was great and those quilts were lovely. Take care.

jfoster8 said...

Really enjoyed your quilt show blog post. Love your green/gold wholecloth