Thursday, 3 October 2013

Summary of another week


I know it’s only Thursday evening, but the end of the week for me. A trip to the city is on the agenda for tomorrow, so this is my summary of the week.

A few garden shots, and when I say I am going across the road to The Sanctuary, this is the view back to my house. These iris’ were glorious a couple of days ago, but this week we have had extremely strong winds and now half of the stems are lying on the ground. I would have thought that they were quite sheltered in this spot, but apparently not!





And this is the star quilt, back view. I love the texture of the back, and those feathers show up beautifully on the plain fabric, as the front border is quite busy.



View on the bed, it is almost to the floor, so hard to get a shot of it properly. Will take a photo when it’s hanging in the quilt show in November. Will be delivering this beauty tomorrow to it’s owner. Think she is pretty excited to see it finished.


Well, that’s it for this week, I still have not reported on last weekend’s retreat with the longarm girls. And heaps of quilt photos to come.

Am on a mission to finish quilts, as we will be hanging quilts for our local group exhibition in just 2 weeks from today!! No pressure? I did want to finish the one I am working on today, but have to give in, as I am feeling much too tired, and the alarm will be going off at 5am, so I need to switch Max off and go pack my “stuff”.

So, over and out,

Blessings, From Jude


Furball Farm Quilting said...

Oh boy, that's a massive quilt. I loooove those big feathered borders!!

Susan Smith said...

The quilt looks stunning!!!
Hasn't the wind, cold and rain be horrific? We spent the last 2 days in Ballarat would you believe and froze most of the time and it is the second month of Spring. It's getting better though. Take care.

Cathy H said...

Beautiful quilting on the huge star quilt......

Sue SA said...

Beautiful quilt, quilted beautifully.