Friday, 11 October 2013

Some of this week's quilting

Just thought I would post a couple of this week's quilts before I head to bed. It has been another long day at the machine, but I am on schedule, which is really good. Am close to finishing another custom one, but think I will be fresher in the morning.
These are a couple of edge to edge quilting jobs that I have done in between lots of custom this week.

This is Lois' Ring Cycles, a Lessa Siegele pattern. Very bright, and I know that Lois is glad to see it finished, one for display in next week's exhibition.

And Michele has been struggling to get much finished this year, with lots of family issues to deal with, but was determined to get something to hang, so used a jelly roll and made a very quick quilt. And we are both pleased with how the quilt looks now it's quilted. An amazing change.

It's all actions go now, getting ready for next weekend. Hanging sleeves and bindings and labels are being stitched, forms filled out for the label, and this quilter is still finishing quilts. I know someone who will be putting binding on at the last minute, and I think that will be me. I am aiming for a couple of days to get some finished for me. Exciting prospect!
Good night, hope you have had a great week, and I shall be back with more photos soon.
From Jude
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jfoster8 said...

Love the quilting design on the jelly roll quilt...let me know what it is when you get over the show.
Take lots of photos so we can do an article.....

Susan Smith said...

Both quilts are lovely, but do think that sometimes something so simple as the jelly roll quilt can be quite stunning, especially with that quilting pattern. Can I ask what it is? Don't you overdo things and enjoy the quilt show. Take care.