Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A lot has been happening


Just a quick check-in this morning, before I get to the machine. It has been a big week in the studio, have been churning out the quilts ready for our exhibition this weekend. Can’t say that I want to do this many hours all the time, the back is telling me, that there has been too much standing and bending, with lots of SID on all these quilts. Have one left to finish today, and then some bindings and sleeves to go on, and The Sanctuary to get ready for some special people who are coming to our exhibition.


Above is Mary’s quilt, Coffee and cream, a pattern from Patchwork Cow at McLaren Vale.


And this is Kath’s Basket quilt, a Ginny Beyer pattern, made for her daughter Jenny.


This was made by June, who has made quilts for her granddaughters, started in classes she has done with me, using our machines for lots of decorative things. Good to see the different ways they all put their quilts together, and the colour combinations.


And this one was started by Jocelyn 5 years ago, and finally done.


Another by June, mostly in creams, and gathered sashings.


Another by June, creams and pinks. Having 3 finished in a week, I think June would be busy doing bindings and sleeves this week, ready for them to hang in our exhibition.

Well, “Max”  is calling me to finish the quilt, so better get to it, and the washing machine has beeped, ready for another load. The house is otherwise silent, as the dust and cobwebs don’t call out, but I know that they are there, so soon, I need to give them some attention too. Never a dull moment, and I can’t imagine ever being bored!


From Jude


Cathy H said...

Beautiful quilting...Jude

Furball Farm Quilting said...

Oh my goodness Jude, it's hard to pick which one is my favourite. You've really been burning the midnight oil haven't you! Enjoy your show, looks like it will have some stunning pieces on display.

jfoster8 said...

Oh wow....just beautiful