Thursday, 4 April 2013

April 4, 2013


Another collection of quilt photos for you. Top one is a simple e2e quilted on Lin’s quilt. It has been a work in progress for a few years, and Lin is excited to have it finished.


Sailing boats made by Erica, quilted with a pattern called wind, but looks like waves in the sea.


Another by Erica, quilted with waves.


A very pretty quilt again made by Erica, and quilted with Ann Brights Soft and sweet pattern.


This was made by Sherrel and quilted with Modern Serpentine by Anita Shackelford.               I love the texture that this gives to the quilt.


Hidden Stars, made by Sherrel and quilted with a simple e2e.


Hope you are having a good day, wherever you are. I am away from home, visiting family, going to a quilt show, delivering quilts and attending Valuation committee meeting. And I hope that the blog is giving you an update each day, if I have worked it all out properly!

Blessings,From Jude

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jfoster8 said...

Love the modern serpentine quilt pattern...looks great. Sounds like you enjoyed your time away.