Tuesday, 2 April 2013

April 2nd, 2013


Don’t be shocked Faye when you see a posting every day this week, as I am doing them all on Sunday night hoping it works for each day. Will be good to catch up on posting, while I have a bit of time over this Easter weekend.

The machine is empty, not a quilt even ready to go on. Have had a lovely couple of days doing some sewing for me. More news on that another day.

Below is one of my quilts, that I finished the top in January and have since quilted, a simple custom with 2 different block patterns on each alternate block and a separate border. And I have even done the binding, so only the label and hanging sleeve to be done. Wow, it feels good to get something of my own done.


A couple of weeks ago I had a phone call from DD3, and I was concerned as I had only talked to her not long before that. The conversation went like this….

Me: What’s wrong, is everything all right?

DD3: No, there’s nothing wrong! I just rang to tell you my exciting news!                          Can you guess what it is?

(For your information, DD3 is not yet married, but has a lovely partner).

Me: I have no idea… are you and Dan engaged?!

DD3: No, it’s more exciting than that!

Me: Well did you and Dan get married?

DD3: No, it’s more exciting than that!

Me: Well, are you pregnant and having a baby?

DD3: No, it’s more exciting than that!!

Me: Well, I have no idea, tell me.

DD3: We are getting a puppy, I’m so excited!!!! ???????

Well I guess for some that would be exciting, but although I was pleased that she was happy, I did not really think that a puppy was more exciting for my 31 year old year old daughter, than all the other options? What do you think?

And the photo below, is of what I am calling my new “grandpuppy”! Meet KiKi, a Beagleir, (I think that’s how you say it. A Beagle, Cavalier cross).

Susanne and Dan are very happy, and their social life is curtailed because they don’t want to go out and leave their puppy!!?? Guess she is cute.


Below is a photo of Jennifer’s Dresden quilt, wanted a simple quilting job, so I did a block pattern on each block for her and a separate border.


Enjoy your day,


From Jude

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Marilyn Popplewell said...

Love the quilting patterns on the two quilts, beautiful. The puppy is a little cutie. Blessings.