Saturday, 27 April 2013

April 27, 2013

Time for another update about what’s been happening. I have been AWOL for a few days, been on a retreat with some of my family at The Sanctuary. I went without telling local friends, and some came looking, as most know that if I am not home, sometimes I am “over the road”!

Of course it could have been the smoke signals we were sending, as we had the fire going, and I also took the opportunity to burn some piles of rubbish. I was helped by the grandchildren, who raked and helped move stuff. It was a rare opportunity for the city dwellers to get a bit of dirt on them and we all smelled a bit smokey after!!                

We fitted in some sewing time also, some marshmallow toasting, cooked the snags in a frypan on the fire and ate outside. It was a visit to grandma’s house, but with a difference, as it was grandma’s retreat house. And all too soon, the time was over and we still had lots of things not done. Maybe next time??

Sorry the photos below are not in the order I had planned for, must be a trick I haven’t learnt yet.


This little man above was excited to see the fire burning.


Above the start of a Jelly Roll quilt, and joining all the strips. Hopefully next time all will be revealed. And below, continuing with what had been started another time.



And this is where 2 of my creatures are now established at The Sanctuary.



Above, a very proud almost 9 year old reached this stage of her quilt.  She commenced with a layercake, has done all the sewing herself, with help by Grandma with the cutting. It will have a plain border next, (colour to be decided) and then another border of the leftover pieces all sewed together…to be continued another time.


Above is Grandma and the girls toasting marshmallows, I have to confess that this is the first time I have ever done this! Bit of a learning curve to know just when to take them off, when they are nice and toasty on the outside, and before they fall off the stick!

And below my little man who wanted to help  water the flowers in the wheelbarrow. He was also very amused with Bones, my tin dog in the doghouse and tried to give him some food! (The photo of Bones was taken last year, the quilts are NOT normally hanging there).


That’s about it for this time, it was a lovely few days, and good to have them on my home turf. Today has been a pack up and go home day, a few loads of washing, and putting things away and getting my head back into quilting mode. It will be a busy week, but more about that later.

Blessings, From Jude


Michele Hill said...

Such gorgeous grandchildren Jude and what special and precious times together......hugs xx

Sue SA said...

Your grandies are very industrious! Everything you eat outside always tasts better, especially if you the fun of cooking it yourself!

Sorry no Emu's to be found!