Monday, 15 April 2013

April 14, 2013

This past weekend saw 7 South Australian Longarm Quilters come to The Sanctuary.        It was a great weekend of sharing, getting to know each other, finishing off projects, relaxing, shopping, eating, sleeping and just sitting around. Some achieved lots of projects, and others just switched off from the daily routines. Our occupation means that we work in a solitary environment, so it was good to network with others who speak the same language. 
Photo above is some of the group working. Below is Trish, who has another skill besides quilting, and churned out a few of these baskets. Her hands were hardly ever idle.
And Chris was working on some applique, a project started quite a while ago.
And Val was doing some applique blocks for a child's quilt, the makings of a blue airplane you can see.
And Lizzy was casting on stitches to knit some socks, while checking out facebook on her Ipad.
(And I didn't tell you that not many more stitches were cast on for the whole weekend!)
One lady had a birthday while she was there, and a good friend did some detective work to find out exactly where she was staying and organised for flowers to be delivered!
Val thought she would show the applique quilt that she was making, and lucky for her, that the girls decided they would remove the tearaway on the blocks, while they were sitting around!
And Lizzy gave Brenda a lesson on her Ipad so here's Brenda playing word games.
This is the birthday girl, with a big smile.
The obligatory group photo outside on the last day. I am getting quite a collection of group photos, and have started putting some into frames in the house, calling it the wall of fame!
On Saturday some went to Mundulla, a short drive away, to check out one of our local patchwork shops. This is worth a visit, just to check out the 100year old building, which still has the old wooden counter down the centre of the shop.

 And looks like a couple skipped across the road to the Mundulla Hotel, the cups are coffee cups, but was it really coffee in them??!!

And then it was time to pack up and head home, just notice the amount of luggage that Sharon has (on the left) and compare that with how light Lizzy travels (on the right)!! But in fairness I have to say that Sharon worked on a lot more larger projects, like quilts, than the space that               
     Lizzy's sox took up!

All in all, a good time was had, and everyone went home looking much more rested                         than when they arrived. The weather is still so nice, that a few meals were eaten out in the pergola. The rain tried to fall, but as soon as it came, it left again. The rainwater tanks are looking for a fill up and the gardens would love it, and the farmers will be getting anxious soon.
Well that's about it for this time, be back in a few days,
From Jude


Marilyn Popplewell said...

This looks like such a wonderful weekend of fellowship, sharing and starting/completing projects. I so wish I lived closer. Thank you for posting all of the lovely pictures and sharing your time. Blessings.

jfoster8 said...

Sounds like lots of fun