Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April 3rd, 2013

Recently, our local group held a workshop in the hall where we meet for patchwork, with Lessa Siegele. There were 3 choices, Little Boxes, Ring Cycles, and New York Beauty, and 17 ladies attended. A lot was achieved in 2 days and everyone enjoyed the time.
(And Faye, notice that lovely quilt that is hanging up on the wall, in the photo below.) Did I tell you how nice that quilt is!! There will be a few more Ring Cycles quilts and they are all so different.
Above is the start of Maries Ring Cycles, and below Pat’s New York Beauty started.
Its always fun at a workshop, the laughter, the sharing, the learning of new techniques, and of course the creations that we make.
Enjoy your day,
Blessings From Jude

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