Tuesday, 15 September 2020

BCNA update

 Just a quick post tonight, in response to a comment that I had about not being able to get into the For Sale Page. I did have a link in the previous post, and also any emails I sent out, but that did not work as it was for the previous "For sale" page that I had. I set up a new page of BCNA items, and forgot to change the link, so sorry about that.

The best way to access the page is to click on the link on top left of the home page, on your computer or Ipad. (phones are different). Thanks to those who have already purchased items. I shall endeavour to keep the page current, as items are sold, but please be advised that I am away from home tomorrow. There are more than one of some items available, and if there is more orders than what I have, I will work on the time of the order.  I shall update it all on Thursday. 

Looking forward to some Zoom time with friends, some virtual and some physical. I am spending time with my mum tomorrow, and also picking up a friend, (my fairy), who is coming to spend time with me again.

I will close with a photo of my recent sewing, of Matilda and Archibald. This pattern is from the Red Boot Quilt Company, who also designed the Paper Dolls and Little Piggy quilts that I have made for Bridie and Billie.

Archibald and Matilda have gone to live in Melbourne with a couple of special little people there

Once again, thanks for the support so far, and I look forward to hearing from some more of you soon.

Blessings, From Jude


Maria said...

Lots of lovelies for sale there Jud... I'd love to purchase" In the Jungle " please...
Can send money along with my donation.

dq said...

Archibald and Matilda are ADORABLE!