Sunday, 16 October 2016

Summary of my week, and more quilts.....

(I started this report on Saturday evening, but did not finish, so now it's Sunday).....
I am not sure where another week has gone, but here it is Saturday Sunday evening, and I am thinking back a few days, to work out just where it went!? It seems like a month since we were in Adelaide for the presentation, but it is only just a week.

Just a brief overview of this week's happenings........ finishing some more quilts.............a visit from my cousin and her husband overnight, on their way to Melbourne.............the monthly Gumnut Angels day here on Thursday................. attending a local Pink Ribbon morning tea event...........and even an evening out at the local cinema. I also admit that I came to a halt, and I sat in the recliner by the fire mid week, and slept the whole morning away. And I admit to another "loss of time" on Friday afternoon also.  It was a much needed catchup.

And this weekend GD2 was one of those chosen to perform in the musical "Hairspray" at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, so she was "over the moon", and I have heard that it was a great show. She is very passionate about dancing, and I "borrowed" this photo from facebook, of her in her costume.

Also this week a friend decided she would make salmon patties, but her plans went awry when the tin lid slipped and she cut a tendon on her hand. After surgery to repair things, she is out of action for some time, and as she lives alone, she needs someone to do up buttons, cut her food, etc etc. We joke that this is the "halfway" house, as there was a previous stay after a back injury. (LOL).

Yesterday was more quilting, and some time in the garden. The weather was very windy and warm, and I still have some plants in pots, waiting to be planted out. There is still some work to be done on the garden bed out the laundry side, and I made a bit of progress before calling it a day.
Today is a big contrast, with a drop in the temperature from 28, to 12 today, and more rain is falling. So this afternoon I have spent doing book work instead of more gardening. And the fire is burning again. Very unusual for mid October!

Now for an update on quilt photos, that go back a few weeks.

First is one by Jenny, made with 30's toys fabrics and quilted allover with a pattern called Dick and Jane. Maybe you can see the toys in the quilting.

Another little one by Jenny, of heart blocks and quilted allover with Dancing Hearts.

This was made by Erica at one of the Mystery Retreats, and called "High Tea in the Garden" after the fabric used and was quilted with a coffee cups pattern.

Jeanne made a baby quilt for her expected great grandchild, and this was quilted simply with hearts allover.

Another small quilt by Jenny, using leftover fabrics from another quilt. This was simply custom quilted with crosshatching and CC's.

This quilt in very pretty colours, was made by Kaye as a gift for a friend and quilted allover with a butterfly pattern.

Another one by Jenny which was started in a Susan Murphy workshop years ago. Simply custom quilting finished this off finally. Jenny has been on a mission to finish things, as their group have a quilt exhibition in Kaniva next weekend. 

It is after 5pm on Sunday afternoon, so I think I shall finish up in the work room, and go put my feet up by the fire and listen to the rain. This week there will be more quilts to be done, and also getting the paper work ready for an accountant appointment next week. My cousin and her hubby will return to stay on Tuesday evening. The car is well overdue for a service, which is booked for Wednesday. It is our groups patchwork day on Thursday, and Friday I will welcome 2 more cousins who are coming to visit for the weekend, and by then it will be the end of another week!!

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

Spring is certainly keeping us on our toes! More lovely quilts, thanks for sharing. Have a great week.