Saturday, 8 October 2016

Home again, again

Pat and I have had our trip to the city, and collected the Bordertown awards at the presentation night.
We got our share of exercise going up and down the stage, by the time we collected for our group members who were unable to be present.

After attending the bi-monthly Valuation Panel day on Friday, we arrived home with an hour to spare to get organised for the Pick a Case Retreat. Here you can see all the cases, placed ready for the "allocation process".

And the tables are set ready for some action. The girls arrived from the city, from "over the border', from down south, and in town. It was then time to renew friendships, or meet new friends, and the chatter and laughter commenced.

We always have some sort of allocation process, and this has varied over the last few years. We tried a different method this time, which proved to be a good one. Each lady picked a number, and in turn they then had to roll the dice to get their number. When they managed to roll the right number, they could have a turn at choosing a case from the ones on the table.

One at a time they got to check out all the cases and decide what they wanted.

Some found it easier to decide. But some went around the table a few times,.....

and opened them one at a time,.......

and then narrowed it down to two. By this time, the girls in the other room were calling out asking if she had made the quilt yet!!

And poor Marie was the last to get her number on the dice, so the choice was rather limited by then.

Finally choices had been made and action was commencing. In the foreground is a lady with a big smile who had sewn her first seam on her first quilt.

Progress is being made, and unpicking is sometimes happening, and I look forward to seeing the progress by tomorrow afternoon.

The sun is shining outside, after weeks of rain and wind. I hope you are enjoying your weekend whatever you are doing.

Blessings, From Jude

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Jean McGee said...

Congratulations to the Bordertown group winning some awards at the show, you all should be very proud. The Mystery quilt weekend is always fun and I am looking forward to next year. 😀🎉