Monday, 10 October 2016

Another fun weekend.....

I thought I had better report on the weekend's activities, before another full week takes over. I tried to do this last night, while sitting in the lounge by the fire, but, before I was finished, the battery on my laptop told me it was very low. (And it was cold in the other room where this computer is!) 
We had a lovely sunny day on Saturday, but the winds and low temperatures, with a bit of rain came back yesterday. But I have to say that, if we had not had the blinds open, no one inside would have known what the weather was doing! It was busy, busy, busy as the girls were all on a mission to get as much of their quilts done as possible. There were 4 that finished, and even one finished by Saturday evening.

The first finish was from Alison who has made her first ever quilt, so she had a big smile on her face all weekend. Her mind is already working on more projects. She came to the retreat with her mother, who has attended weekends here before. And it is lucky that her mother is a quilter, as she has now "inherited" a sewing machine! 

Alison's quilt, in Indigo colours, was a very simple pattern, and easily achieved for a first timer. 

These 2 ladies were sewing into the evening trying to get more done after the others had "called it a day".

Val diligently made all the half square triangle units in bag number 1, and looked forward to a change in bag 2, and found out if was more of the same, only a different colour!! And more of the same in bag 3 and also 4!!

All four coloured half square triangle are done, and one block of "Owls in a spin" is made!

This is Val's progress before she left Sunday afternoon. One border is on, and the other 3 waiting until another day.

Margaret was making "Symphony Rose", which is named after the range of fabric that I used. She had sewn all these half rectangle pieces onto the white triangles, and even pressed them all, only to find that she sewed them on the wrong side!! A little unpicking was then the order of the day.

Here we are, sewing them on correctly.

And then, some more unpicking, when putting the blocks together, although it was only one this time.

And the centre of the quilt is together, and a photo with the border laid out to see how it would look, before Margaret had to leave us.

A mother and daughter photo for their album.

Once again, Erica was in the corner, so I missed a lot of photos of her progress. This quilt, called Billet-doux, (also a the name of the fabric range), is a bit more complicated but will be lovely when it is finished.There a lots of triangles to be sewn in this one.

And a lot of trimming, of the hourglass blocks, which are in different colourways. 

Some of the blocks coming together, and Erica's progress before they left.

The first blocks on Karen's quilt, called "Dutch Cottage", are finished.

Now she is onto the more complicated triangle units.

One row is together!

And the finished quilt with borders. I might get the sack from this job, as there were a few missing squares in one bag. Fortunately, I was able to locate some more fabric!! The girls all know that they are my testers for the patterns. After they are finished, and all went well, if there is more fabric, I sometimes cut another kit and sell them.

Sherrel's quilt, called "Sweethearts", after the range of 30's fabrics was fairly simple, and not a triangle in sight.

Time to lay the blocks out, and everyone was offering an opinion on how to arrange the blocks!!

And a finish, which is now waiting in the queue for the quilter! There will be a blue binding to finish the quilt.

Marie is working on a red version of the Shades of Grey quilt that was recently made by Pat. This quilt will be all half square triangles, (360 of them!!), which she has made, and now needs to trim. The quilt is called "Red Squared".

A few were laid out on the table to see the effect, before Marie had to go home. You can see the diagram in the background of how the quilt will look.

Pat was working on "Licorice Allsorts". Lots of 4 patches, and turnstyle blocks needed to be made.

..............Finished one block!

And the finished quilt!

And of course the group photo, trying to get a nice smile on all the faces, and this was the best of about 6 photos.

That's a wrap up of our weekend, which was again lots of fun. Even though they were all busy, there was still lots of conversations, and laughter, and a few good stories, which won't be told on the blog.
Friendships were renewed and new ones made.

Time to head for the shower, and start my day. I have a quilt on the machine that needs to be finished soon, some washing to be done, and so a new week begins.

Catch ya again soon,

Blessings, From Jude


Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Lovely quilts and lots of fun! Are they your own designs Judy? xx

Sue SA said...

Wow your girls work quick, so many finished quilt tops in such a short time! And all lovely!

Susan Smith said...

Just done a quick catchup & what a wonderful 'pick a case' weekend. I'm quite envious. Not much in the way of weather since we got back & it's only 2deg as I write this. Brrrr! Take care.

Jean McGee said...

The quilts are beautiful and once again you all had a good time. Sad to see the bandage on our friend's hand and arm, must be hard having to be helped with everyday things and especially not being able to sew. Hope it improves quickly.
Life is busy fir you again Judy, but lovely to have friends around. 😀😀😀😀