Monday, 31 October 2016

Another patient

Some of the recent newsfromjude has been about accidents and illness, with photos of Miss Bridie in hospital and Pauline cutting the tendon in her hand. And now there is more news, this time about Miss Bridie's dad, DS1 who had a fall playing basketball last week, and broke his leg!!

As he will be out of action for a few weeks, and not able to work, he is not real happy. There was more damage than originally thought, so not sure how long his recovery will be yet.

The day after this happened I also received the news that DD2 had "connected" her vehicle with a kangaroo, and sustained a lot of damage to the car. Thankfully noone in the vehicle was injured.

I was starting to wonder "if I had run over a chinaman". And then I wondered about that saying and how it had come about. I asked Mr Google about the origin of that saying, and found out that nowadays it is considered offensive, but apparently chinamen were considered lucky, so to have run over one, was rather unlucky.

Yesterday I decided it was time to pay a visit to most of my family as it had been awhile since I had made a trip. I left about 7am and arrived home again at 9 last night. First stop was morning tea at the home of DD1 and children. DD1 has a birthday next week, so we had an early birthday cake with coffee. Next stop was at the home of DD2 and family, who live about an hour away. Next on the agenda was checking out DS who lives in the same town as DD2. It was good to catch up with Miss Bridie too, who showed me her knee, and the little scar from her operation.

On the way home from there, I called into my mum and dad at Murray Bridge, and had a visit with them.

It was a good day, for a Sunday drive, although a very windy day with some rain. Today I am a bit jetlagged, so sitting in the lounge with my feet up while writing this post. Shortly I shall head to the kitchen, and do a bit of food preparation for lunch tomorrow. There will be about 10 of us for a sewing day, lunch, some bubbles, a few sweeps, and maybe a look at the big race of the day, the Melbourne Cup.

Blessings, From Jude

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