Monday, 31 October 2016

In my garden

Just a few photos taken this week in my garden. The weather has been so changeable, as winter has dragged on longer than usual. We have the occasional sunny day, and even temperatures up to high 20s a couple of days, and then back comes the cold and rain again. I can't say I am sorry, because I don't do heat very well. 

My sweet peas were right up at the top of the fence, but very strong winds one day brought them down like this. And there seems to lots of leaves and plant, but not a lot of flowers. A garden guru friend told me that there was probably too much fertiliser in the garden???

The first carnation to appear.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my garden this spring. I have sorted some before and after photos of the side garden, which I shall post soon.  The bottlebrush tree is just coming out into flower now, so will be taking some snaps of this soon.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Your garden is looking good. I was actually going to do a garden post, but changed my mind and did one about the weekend. My sweet peas are flowering, but not well and they too are damaged from the wind. Hasn't the weather been strange. Have a good day tomorrow with the girls. I've caught up on your posts now. Take care.

jfoster8 said...

Lovely flowers.

Sue SA said...

Your garden is looking lovely. I must say three of my sweet peas flowered beautifully but one did not, so cannot comment about reason, as I dont generally fertalize, unless there is some sheep manure that comes in from the farm. Bad luck about the broken leg, especially as basketball is a non contact sport, you would think that would be "safe"!

Jean McGee said...

The garden looks beautiful Judy, Spring is a wonderful time watching the flowers all put on a display and sunshine in the day, 🌺🌺