Thursday, 26 May 2016


My early morning update of newsfromjude is pleased to report that I have finished that marathon quilting job!! Sorry there are no photos this morning, but I think I better wait until my customer sees it before I show the world. I am anxious to see her reaction when she comes to collect. I love my job, and love to see all the quilts, especially after the quilting when they look so different. It gives them another dimension, and reminds me of that saying, it's not a quilt until it's quilted! But I have to confess, that if they are on my machine for more than a week, I am "over it". And while I did not work on this one for the whole 2 weeks, it was "in my face" for that long. And when this happens, I need to get some distance between me and the quilt before I can see "objectively" again. I took the quilt off the machine on Tuesday afternoon, and yesterday I looked at the back while I was trimming the drag threads from the back, so this morning I might be able to see it in a new light??!

And now I feel like a weight is off my mind, and I can move on again. Another quilt is on the machine, and I am working on cases of fabric as well. More about that later.

Winter has well and truly arrived here this week, with some rain, and lots of wind earlier in the week. The wood heater is burning and the house is cosy.

I have had the computer man here this week, doing some long overdue housekeeping on both my computers. They have had a 'clean up', and updated virus protection, and as my backup duties were way behind, I now have a separate hard drive set to backup everyday. That is peace of mind in case of a scenario I don't even want to think about. Let's just say that without my computer, my job just would not function!

Monday I had a quick trip to the city for my annual mammogram and check up with the specialist, and I can say I am now 8 years cancer free!! I can breathe for another year now.

When I checked back into the photo files, I found lots of quilts that I have not posted, so maybe a catchup is in order this morning.

First is made by Jenny, and quilted with an allover pattern.

Also made by Jenny and quilted with a simple custom.

This was made by Jean, for her daughter and quilted with an allover flower and butterfly pattern.

This was made by Liz for a teacher who was leaving the school, and moving to a house near the sea. It is made in sea colours, and quilted with an allover pattern called curling waves.

The initials of the school and the years that she was there, have been quilted along the top edge.

A pretty little quilt, made by Linda and quilted with an allover pattern.

This was made by Helen for a friend's birthday and I loaded it sideways and quilted a leafy pattern in each row, so that I did not "run over" the ricrac.

This was made by Pam for a new grandson, and quilted with a modern pattern.

It's time to head for the shower, and to get busy for my day. There are little bundles of fabric sitting all over the tables, some waiting to be scanned into EQ7, and some waiting to be cut. I enjoy playing around with these and working out what to design, and being able to see how it looks before any cutting happens. I am especially thankful to Pat for being my assistant with the designing, and then she checks my instructions and counts all the pieces in each case. Thankyou Pat.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Now that was a lovely post with lots of 'news' and some great quilt photos. Glad to hear about your checkup and my annual eurology check is in July, but I'm sure it'll be good. Pat must be a great help with upcoming retreat, so good wishes to you both getting it all ready and take care.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Yay for finishing that quilt! Looking forward to seeing pics! Glad your checkup was went well and that it is all good news. Lovely quilts! xxx

Jean McGee said...

Pleased that your checkup was a good result. Lovely quilting again Judy xx

Sue SA said...

So many lovely quilts, everyone so different!

Pauline Clark said...

Well done Judy. Beautiful work.