Sunday, 1 May 2016

This week.......

DD3 and DSIL left for their dream trip to South Africa, and this photo 
was taken on their stopover in Dubia.

I managed a few allover quilting jobs.

These 2 quilts were hand pieced by Cheryl, for soon to be born baby. She has covered her bases by making a pink one and blue one, and both were quilted with Dancing Hearts.

Made by Raelene at the retreat, and quilted with Popcorn, which is always a favourite pattern.

I received a surprise, special parcel in the mail from a lovely lady who has attended one of my retreats. She has somehow noticed that I like frogs, (probably because they are all over the house!), and made a table runner with frogs for me. Thankyou so much, I love it.

No sooner had the beds been remade and house cleaned after last weekend's retreat, than another car load arrived. DD2 and family came for a couple of days as it is school holidays. We had lunch at the bakery, we planted things in the garden, and they went to the farm to get a trailer load of wood to take back home.
The holes in the doughnut are made for looking through aren't they?

The 2 little boys with their other grandma,

 and with mum and dad.

And before DD2's family had left my sister and niece arrived so that Miss Ellie could do some more sewing with Aunty Judy. My sister spent her time catching up on some work, and reading a book. She is not crafty, and does not sew, which is why she brings her daughter to my place. Ellie is really keen to learn sewing, and loves trying out all the stitches on the machine. A cushion was chosen to make this time.

My sister had a pair of PJ's that needed some new elastic, and brought them for me to do. I was a bit mean and made her take out the old elastic, and we had to be quick to get this photo of her as proof that she can do it if she has to! I know she doesn't check my blog very often, and I thought 
I might be safe posting this photo, but then 
remembered that mum is now onto her ipad, so I reckon I might be sprung!!

And Ellie busy trimming threads.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had a few trips to garden shops, and purchased quite a few plants. This is one boot load in my car. I have been busy working on the side garden out my laundry door, which has been ignored for years. Trees have been removed, and a transformation has made it into a nice place to go. I shall post photos, before and after in another post. I have only one little corner to finish, and another area at the front of the house which will be filled with succulents later on. So for now, I have done all the hard stuff that I intend doing. It is time to get back inside and catch up on my book work, and do some cases ready for the Mystery retreat in June. The outside painting can wait until later in the year as well.

Yesterday was a beautiful autumn day, lots of sunshine and a temperature of 25. I have woken up this morning, to much cooler temps  and we have had rain overnight. Today our local patchwork group has a High Tea fundraiser for the Cancer Council for our members, and it is being held here. I am undecided whether we will be outside, or inside, or maybe both. There is 4 hours yet, so will see if the sun comes out later.

Time to finish this newsfromjude post.

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

So nice to have the family for holidays. My boys miss their trips to/from Adelaide, because a stop at the bakery ment they got a donut! Cannot wait to see the garden update. Lovely quilts as usual and the tablerunner is a darling.