Sunday, 8 May 2016

The weekend.....

I have had a very productive weekend, catching up on a few things. Yesterday was spent working out what to do with collections of fabrics, getting ready for the Pick a case Mystery retreat in June. There is another one in August and October, so I will need to make quite a few cases. Pat came in yesterday and we spent time in choosing fabrics, and trying out patterns, and playing on EQ7 on the computer. I scanned the fabrics and we made changes until we were happy with what was on the screen. Then it is time to write the instructions and cut the fabrics to put in the paper bags in the cases. It is all a lot of work, but we like the designing and changing the look of the quilt, before we even cut into the fabric. The following photos show what my sewing room looks like at the moment. There really is some sort of order in the chaos that you can see.

This will be a "work in progress" for the next month or so. This morning I have made progress in another area that had been stressing me out. When the rest of the house had been renovated and sorted, all the "stuff" that did not belong anywhere, (and may end up in a sale), or elsewhere, had been stored in my bedroom, and the door kept shut from visiting eyes. It finally got to the "do something about it" stage, and I did that today. It is now destined for the shed, where it will be dealt with in due course, and I won't have to look at it, or walk "around" it to get from my bed to the bathroom!!! And it sure feels good to have done it. I know it's Mothers Day today, but this mother did not have any other plans, so it seemed like a good idea and made me feel better. I did follow that job up with some time out this afternoon reading a book by the fire! And I have "talked" to each of my children throughout the day

These are the latest photos that have been sent from Africa this weekend. I love this aspect of facebook, where you can send instant photos and videos to a group of people all at the same time. The time difference means that when I get up at about 5am, it is about 10pm in Africa and a "good" time for a facebook chat with DD3. I say "good" in quotations, because even though it is a good time for me and DD3, it apparently is not a "good" time for DS at 5am when his phone keeps tinging every time a message goes to all in the group!!!! A good reason not to have your mobile phone by your bed I think.

And an early sunrise photo taken by my SIL. Isn't it beautiful?

I hope you have had a great weekend, wherever you live and that all mothers have had a great day. I don't think we have to have a special day for mother's. We can celebrate them every day. I phoned my mother, and will see her next weekend when we attend the engagement party of my niece.
There is lots planned for this week, and I will be back with more newsfromjude soon.

Blessings, From Jude

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Susan Smith said...

Well done on your retreat preparations and tidying up. Love the photos from Africa, especially the sunset. Have a good week and take care.