Friday, 6 May 2016

It's Friday again!!

Another week is almost gone, and it is a bit scary just how fast the year is disappearing.
Last Sunday afternoon our patchwork group enjoyed an afternoon tea for members. Most years we hold a Biggest Afternoon Tea event as a fundraiser for the Cancer Council and open it to the public  and hang our quilts for a display. This year we decided that it is a lot of work and usually by the same few members, and decided to have an afternoon tea where we got to sit and "play ladies". Each member brought their own cup, saucer and plate, and a small plate of food to share, and we paid a donation for the afternoon tea.  It was a delightful afternoon, in spite of the cool, drizzly weather that day. There was lots of chatter, and conversation ranged over lots of topics and a few childhood confessions were shared. I think that we could even solve the problems of the world, if we had the chance!!

I posted a photo of DD3 and DSIL who departed on their dream holiday last week. During the week I have been updated each day with more photos from their trip. There was 2 days when they were on a train trip when we had no communication, so I was relieved when they had wifi again.

 This morning I received the following photos, taken just outside their "bush" (??) camp at a National Park. Apparently the elephants just come right up to the place they are staying as DD is sitting just outside their room. The elephants even drink from the pool that is outside their room, and munch on the trees and just amble away. Each day the guests go on a safari drive out into the park, so I am sure there will be lots of photos to see yet.

On Wednesday, I had a lovely morning tea with a couple of ladies who had birthdays this week, and then spent the afternoon at the hairdressers. I feel better now that you can't see the grey hair again.

Thursday afternoon our KYB Bible Study recommenced for the new term. We have changed our meeting time to afternoon instead of early mornings. The book of Proverbs is our study this term, and looks set to be an interesting topic.

I have finished that big quilt, and getting ready to give Max a good clean, and oil, and rethread and load the next quilt. A few days of edge to edge quilting coming up!

Have a good day,

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

Nice idea for the afternoon tea instead of a big gathering. Glad the young ones are enjoying their trip. Have a good weekend and take care.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love tea parties! I am not so sure I could sit still and calmly watch an elephant approach; but they are simply magnificent animals, aren't they? I wonder how often they have to refill the pools there!! Enjoy your weekend, I am sure that Max enjoyed the "spa" treatment. ;)