Saturday, 31 January 2015

The white quilt

Time for photos of the white quilt that I made in January. It has been a long process, communicating with my client about what she wanted, deciding on fabrics, and ordering them, and waiting for some on backorder. As this lady was not a quilter, or sewer, I was worried about us both being “on the same page” with ideas. It was a bit trickier when it came to the quilting and I knew that she wanted the fabrics to show, and this was more difficult because all the fabrics were different whites. It is a bit like quilting a wholecloth and the quilting being the main feature, and I wanted the quilting to be background. Bit tricky wasn’t it? I knew that the first pattern I started quilting was not right and really took over. So after 6 hours of unpicking we went back to the “drawing board” and I sent her to a website to look at patterns, and where they had photos of quilts quilted with these patterns. As a result of her choices, I quilted Square Dance in the centre of the quilt, and used a chevron pattern in the border.

The quilt was delivered today, and I received a text showing a photo of the quilt on her bed, and saying that she loved it, so now I can relax. The photos below, which I took on my bed, don’t show the fabrics so well, but they do show up better in real life.



I better get back to the machine, as I am almost finished a custom quilt today, with lots of applique. A Noah’s Ark quilt for some lucky child.

I think the eyes are starting to feel better, and as tomorrow is a day of rest, I might just do that and quilting can happen again on Monday.

I will be back tomorrow, with another post of more news that has happened in the last week.

Blessings, From Jude


Susan Smith said...

I'm so glad the quilt was well received after all your hard work. Hope the eyes keep on improving. Take care.

jfoster8 said...


Michele Hill said...

Glad it finally worked out Jude! x

Christina said...

The collaboration between you and the quilt owner produced a great result.

Susanne Simcock said...

Beautiful work! Tania loves it :-) x