Sunday, 4 January 2015

It’s been so HOT!


I know that it is summer and January, so we should not be surprised at the HOT weather. But that does not mean that I have to like it. The heat and I just don’t get on very well. Not good for productivity either, although I have managed to get through a few quilts and start a sewing project.

Friday’s temperature reached 45deg, and the next day not quite 40. The winds were very strong and there were many fires across Southern Australia, some of which are still burning. There have been homes destroyed, and many people evacuated from their homes. The fire got close to the city and some of my family had to leave their home until it was safe to return. A scary time for them all. The photo below is one my grand daughter sent to me, taken from close to where they live. Thankfully for them, although not so for many others, the fire took a different direction after this. This fire will burn for days yet, in hills country with many trees. I heard the fire sirens here some time in the afternoon and learnt that there had been a fire just on the edge of our town, only 2 blocks from me. Thankfully it was put out quickly, but a reality check being so close.


During the hottest days, I was occupied sewing a quilt that I have to make. I set my machine up close to the air conditioner, and near the TV, and happily sewed my way through the hottest days. I don’t watch much TV, but have saved up a few DVD’s for this occasion and enjoyed watching them. The quilt is a simple rail fence quilt, made with all white fabrics.


Cutting the blocks, after pressing my strip sets.


This is a quarter of the quilt sewn together.


After I had got this far, and was about to cut some more blocks, I remembered this stool that I had. Why had I not thought of this earlier??  Perched on this at the cutting table, certainly made the job a lot easier than standing there cutting all those blocks!!


Today the weather is much cooler, which is nice. But the forecast is for the temperature to be back up to 40 by Wednesday. Sad smileIt is a full time job watering both houses in this weather, so I do that first thing each morning, and then shut up the windows and curtains by about 9am and stay inside for the rest of the day. I am so thankful that i don’t have an outside job, and travel is at a minimum in the hot weather.

Well, time to get back to the sewing machine, sewing white fabrics, and also have another quilt to load for an edge to edge quilt job. Will be back with more quilt photos soon.

Blessings, From Jude


Lisa V said...

I'm the same as you, I don't do well in the heat. I am actually happy to be at work during Summer as I am in airconditioning all day.
Perth Summers are pretty torturous.

Susan Smith said...

Same here Judy, I hate the heat. Those fires are are so close to your family and bring back memories of ours in 2009. Too close for comfort. Much cooler here at the moment and we had some much needed rain on Saturday night. Take care and stay cool.

Sue SA said...

Struggling to keep the water up to garden here also, just too hot for some plants. Your neutral quilt is looking interesting, are you going to custom quilt it?