Thursday, 22 January 2015

Pickings and purchases


This is what I found in the garden this morning. My vegie patch is seriously neglected. One of those should do’s that had to go. But it seems like the corn produced anyway, even though the tomatoes look sad, and the weeds have taken over. The pumpkin vine is spreading so I might be lucky there too.


And this is my “little”  buy up yesterday. Some to add to the jelly rolls I had purchased for the  Paper Bag Mystery quilts, and some just because!


It is amazing just how busy you can be when you are having time off. The weather is warming up today, and I have watered both gardens this morning. What shall I do for the rest of the day? Looking forward to tomorrow when I go on retreat. I have so many projects “in progress” that I don’t know which one to work on first!

Always lots of fun when quilters get together to sew and chat. And the weather is looking good. It is a public holiday in Australia on Monday to celebrate Australia Day. I have got the flags out ready to hang out at The Sanctuary, and we might eat some Aussie food as well. I still can’t believe that the end of January is in sight, and the first month of 2015 will have been and gone!

Catch ya another day,

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

Yum corn on the cob! I think pumpkins do best when neglected! Have a great weekend stitching, not sure how you will resist cutting into your new purchases though!