Sunday, 11 January 2015

Much has been achieved

in the past 2 days! Apart from going out to church this morning, I have been in the house all weekend, just sorting, and throwing, shredding, and generally getting some order into the mess. I posted the files photo yesterday, and by about 9pm last night I was happy with a clear table, and 3 drawers sorted. Still one to attack, but another time. (Sorry, no photo.)

These are the fabric samples sent by various suppliers over the last 13 years, which is almost how long I have been machine quilting for others!  I almost threw these away, and after a closer inspection, decided I only needed to remove a few staples, and labels and I had more to add to the scrap stash. (I must admit to the scrap stash being a bit disorganised as well, and well overdue for some attention.) And probably I don’t really need any more fabric, but I just can’t throw them out, can I?Winking smileMight have just the piece I need one day!


Now this photo I almost did not post! But it is what it is, or was! Earlier in the year I had a bit of a declutter and sort out in the rest of the house. Sent a lot of things home with my children, to put into their homes now. And all the things that did not belong in other parts of the house, ended up in my bedroom, on this desk. It got to the stage where I could not even close the top. And it has been like this for months now, gathering dust and just waiting, waiting,….. The whole year has been busy with quilting and retreats at The Sanctuary, and they were the priority jobs, that paid the bills. Noone else comes into my bedroom, so this was the logical place for all this stuff to be, wasn’t it?? As long as the bed was clear, for me to sleep, the rest of the room did not matter. But, today was the day.


And this is what it looks like now. You can see boxes still, but there is organisation in the boxes now. I still have a lot of work to finish here yet. Those 2 large boxes at the side of the desk are full of files, (yes more files) of financial stuff from our farming days. And I just told you that I have been machine quilting for 13 years, so that tells you how old some of that “stuff” is!! I intend to go through those, in due course, and keep the interesting information and relevant papers, for when I start writing the history of my life. But I am not saying when that will be! And all the coloured boxes contain photos and messages, dried flowers etc, and are for each of my grandchildren for “one day”.


I feel really great that I have made this progress this weekend. It is a task that had been hanging heavy on my mind. When I do a house clean, due to time restraints, my room has always been the one that got left. My dressing table, which is behind me in the photo above, and just inside the door way has had a dust, clean and polish. Now that confession time is here, I will tell you that a glass was dropped in the entry hall just by my door, and broke into a million pieces, back in the month of October. And today I found pieces of that glass on the dressing table!! So you can see why I feel a great sense of achievement tonight.

And while I had the camera in hand, this is a photo of my teddy bear collection, sitting on their seat just inside my front door. I can see that someone has had a rearrange of my bears! And the seat is one made by my son, when he was doing a course at school. It just fits lovely in the entry hall and the teddy bears don’t get it dirty. He always jokingly says that he is going to take it to his house, but I tell him, only when I don’t need it any more. (Although I don’t phrase it like that exactly, it’s more like when I’m dead and gone!).


Time for bed, hope to come back with more quilt photos soon, enough of cleaning and sorting, that’s not very interesting.

We were supposed to get big rains on the weekend, and did get some, but now the forecast is for rain Monday and Tuesday instead. We will wait and see. It’s a long time since we had a big rain. Areas in the north of the state have had flooding rain. Fire and flood, all in the one week! That’s the country we live in.

Blessings, From Jude


jfoster8 said...

Well done....doing similar clean out here.

Sue SA said...

Great job on the decluttering and organising - I love a good spring clean too. The teddies couch is beautiful, your son did a wonderful job, I would be reluctant to give it up also.

Christina said...

Well done girl! I too love the Teddy couch, so precious when your son made it.

Susan Smith said...

Good on you for the big tidy up. I think by the time I comment you'll have had your rain as Ballarat has just had it's heaviest fall for one day in over two years. Been babysitting, so absent from the i'net. Take care.